Naughty customer! A family of 5 ate a buffet and ordered 600 meat dishes. The restaurant was confused and the cameras were exposed.

A rowdy family of 5 eats at the buffet, ordering a total of 600 meat dishes, and the restaurant owner gets upset. Check CCTV cameras before posting, expose the outrage

SAYS reports on trending online stories in Malaysia. When the restaurant owner published revelations about the behavior of a group of customers who ordered at least 600 dishes, the restaurant became concerned and checked the surveillance camera footage. Until it was discovered that the behavior of this group of customers was not normal.

Hot pot shop owner in Benloti, Sarawak, Malaysia. “I’m sorry, but I want the public to know about this,” he posted on the store’s Facebook page on Oct. 10. “I really can’t accept that their children are brought here to steal things.”

The incident occurred on October 8 at 2:30 p.m. There were five customers in this group, divided into three adults and two children, and the restaurant owner posted a receipt showing that this group of customers had come to eat. The hour at which the restaurant offers a buffet offer before ordering 250 pork dishes and 350 lamb dishes for the said meal.

The cost of the meal is 163.3 ringgit (about 1,250 baht), divided into 39.42 ringgit (about 300 baht) per person for adults and 26.82 ringgit (about 200 baht) per person for children, with an additional 5 percent discount given to members.

The restaurant owner said that the restaurant and employees felt strangely disturbed when customers at this table ordered a large amount of food. But he agreed to bring food to serve as requested. Because he thought these people might eat too much.

Until he went back and looked at the CCTV footage. Then, it was discovered that the customer actually only ate a portion of the entire meal. As for the rest, the customer puts it all in a bag.

“The main point is that they were willing to do something like this. I tried to look at the CCTV footage. It appears that the children had secretly put the meat in plastic bags under the table. Do they want to take the food home to eat?”

Additionally, the store owner concluded in the post by expressing his disappointment in customers doing things like this. He also teaches his children to be thieves.

“You should know that Benlotto is a small place. You know me and I know you. Just running a business is hard enough. Why should you make this difficult for me?”

“Everyone is having a hard time right now. So I try to make inexpensive food for people to eat until they are full. Without having to take a lot of money out of your own pocket.”

He hopes to do this by going out and exposing the behavior of this group of customers. It will be a lesson for other families to set a good example for their children.

This is for the family of the aforementioned thief. Even if you come and offer compensation to the store the store still considers whether it is a good idea to report it to the police or not.

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