Chandapuri residents light candles to commemorate…

The citizens of Chandapuri light candles and give thanks in remembrance of His Majesty’s grace.

A group of Chandapuri people who loved King Rama IX held a candle lighting ceremony. Know the mercy of His Majesty in your heart. Navaminda Maharaj Day till eternity

This evening (Oct 13, 2023) at Khlong Phakdee Ramphai area. Chandapuri Province Governor of Chandapuri province Mr. Mansit Baisandhanavat led the citizens of Chandapuri province from all castes. A group of Chandapuri people who love Raja IX participate in a candle lighting ceremony in remembrance. Grateful for His Majesty’s grace on Navamindra Maharat Day, stay in our hearts forever. In the light of two candles, there were two sparks across the river on either side of Klong Pakdee Rambai. The people of Chandapuri are grateful to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej for his kindness. His Excellency Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great was undoubtedly the greatest. Especially Royal Initiative Projects Khlong Pakdee Ramphai Prevents and Solves Flooding Problems After the completion of the Royal Initiative Khlong Pakdee Ramphai Project to solve the drought and flood crisis in Mueang District of Chanthaburi Province, the Chanthaburi Economic Zone has never been flooded again. And save water

Over a period of more than 70 years During the reign of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, all the people under His Majesty’s patronage throughout the Kingdom are grateful for His Majesty’s kindness. and His Majesty’s grace in devoting His physical strength and intellectual power/ to the discharge of various State duties for the welfare and happiness of the people, 4,741 projects under State undertakings, large and small, have brought innumerable benefits to the nation. He also presented the philosophy of Sufficient Economy. People should act as a guide to lead their lives by using knowledge and wisdom as immunity and benefiting the people of different countries who have accepted the government guidelines and implemented them. His pride is everywhere. All the Thai people are grateful for His Majesty’s infinite mercy which has spread in all directions. and will accept the royal direction given as an anchor in the performance of duties and maintenance of himself to create eternal good and happiness for the nation.

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Correspondent: Charan Panyongasena

Music Director: Suntaree Tubmanoch

Source: Chandapuri Provincial Public Relations Office

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