Introducing the new work “Kong Huai Rai”, the latest presenter of the new Galaxy A05/A05s model.

After Samsung launched the new Samsung Galaxy A05/A05s at the end of September. Recently, a very hot presenter of Galaxy A05/A05s, “Kong Huai Rai”, a famous country singer, was launched. The owner of many hit songs, this act is guaranteed to be strong.

Kong Hwai Rai and Samsung Galaxy A05/A05s

It is considered another collaboration between Samsung. And the famous young singer Kong Huai Rai, who returns this time with a new smartphone as Galaxy A05/A05s, full of power and full speed, without restrictions, and fun to use, FAW is ready to handle every situation without interruption. This comes with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (A05s) chipset. Through this new ad, Kong tells you, powerful enough to call you, confirm!

Galaxy A05/A05s Kong Huai Rai lifestyle phone

As the first presenter of the Galaxy A05/A05s, Kong Huai Rai shared his private lifestyle. With a commercial revealing that no matter the activity, whether it’s a casual vacation or a selfie with fans during a concert tour, the Galaxy A05 / A05s will meet your needs, powerful and fun.

Kong Huai Ring confirmed that the new chipset is fast, powerful and satisfying. !

If you ask how powerful is this smartphone? Kong said that there is probably no escape from the power of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (A05s) chipset that comes with 6GB of RAM, and it is a powerful device. You can open any application instantly. It’s called push-button unlock, it turns on and doesn’t freeze, no matter how many apps you open, it’s sturdy and doesn’t fall out. Enjoy activities continuously for a long time. Plus a large 6.7-inch screen for social media users. Whether you’re sharing photos or chatting with friends, it’s seamless. Most importantly, the Galaxy A05/A05s comes with a durable battery that also supports charging faster than ever with 25W Adaptive Fast Charging with more capacity that can support up to 1. TB using a MicroSD card. No matter which county you take it to on a concert tour, I can tell you it’s fast, powerful and satisfying. “Kong Huai Rang confirms!”

In addition to the power of the device, the price is also strong, in addition to the best promotions at a great price of only 3,699 baht for the Galaxy A05 (4/64) and 4,299 for the Galaxy A05 (4/128) Galaxy A05s (6/128) Price 5,499 pounds Available in two colors Black and silver in convenient installments, use one ID card. Starting from only 170 baht per month! It can’t be too late.

For those who have not yet seen the new commercial for the Galaxy A05/A05s phone, you can watch it from the link below. Today you can own the Galaxy A05/A05s, a fast device with a powerful chip! Orders can be made through, Samsung Experience Store and participating stores nationwide.

You can watch the commercial at:

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