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Fairtex boss not happy contract betrayed by luxury car company.

On 13 October 2023 at Fairtex Group Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Mr Jongdecha Busarabworawong, CEO of Fairtex Group Pattaya, held a press conference with the media in Pattaya. To seek justice after booking a luxury car, but the matter did not go as agreed upon.

By Mr. Jongdecha Busarabworawong, CEO of Fairtex Group Pattaya, said that in December 2022, almost a year ago, he visited the car show in Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok and was interested in calling to book a luxury car, a BMW brand. The Lusso model details the need for a two-tone car. It is a dark gray color that fades to a lighter shade. Beige seats are priced at 8,719,000 baht by making a deposit of 5 hundred thousand baht and setting an appointment to receive the car in December 2023. But the seller’s sales representative apparently said last September that the requested car model could not be produced. There was only a car of the same model, gray-black in color with red seats, and he replied that he did not like the color black. Moreover, he is old and may not be suitable for the red seats.

Then the seller tried to force him to change to a new model, which cost himself about 11 million baht. They will reduce the price by another 500,000 baht, which they consider unfair. And not as per the agreed contract Furthermore, BMW showroom management never called to talk. Or call to apologize. Just the seller called me and told me he didn’t have the car model he wanted. Damage to reputation, including wasting 11 months of waiting for the car.

Mr. Jongdecha further said that he will hold a press conference this time as I don’t want to ruin the reputation of such luxury cars. But to seek fairness from the company that offered terms they could not accept. Even a big company is famous like this. You still dare to bend the client’s contract. The price of the car is not in the hundreds of thousands, but in the range of 9-10 million baht, and after holding a press conference with the media, they will travel to report the matter to the daily records. Police Lieutenant Chanan Kasornbua, Deputy Inspector of Investigations, Pattaya District Police Station to record daily records as evidence willing to appoint a lawyer and prosecute those involved who caused further damage.

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