Mirror has agreed to pay Prince Harry 13 million baht in compensation to end the phone hacking case

Prince Harry with The Mirror, a major British media outlet An agreement has been reached to settle the phone hacking case. This media outlet will pay the prince about 1.3 million baht in damages and all legal expenses.

Foreign news agencies reported on February 9, 2024 that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, had reached an agreement with “Mirror Group Newspapers” (MGN), whereby this media company would pay compensation amounting to approximately 300 thousand pounds sterling, or approximately 13.6 million baht, in addition to All legal expenses of the owner. To settle the phone hacking case in which they were sued

Prince Harry and MGN have been locked in a legal battle for more than four years, with the Duke of Sussex accusing the media giant of using various illegal methods, including phone hacking, to obtain His Majesty's information and use it to write at least 130 articles between 1996 and 2010.

In December last year the High Court in London ruled that there was evidence that phone hacking was being used on a widespread and systematic basis within MGN, and at least 15 articles were cited in which Prince Harry is suing. It is the result of hacking the mobile phones of people related to His Majesty the King. MGN was ordered to pay compensation of £140,600, or approximately 6.2 million baht.

For the latest deals And this is the end of the remaining 115 articles of lawsuits filed by Mr. David Sherborne, Prince Harry's lawyer. Unveiled at the High Court in London on Friday, February 9, the agreement stipulates that MGN will pay all of Prince Harry's legal costs. And pay additional compensation as well

He did not specify Mr. Sherborne. What is the value of the damages? But the BBC news agency reported that Prince Harry will receive compensation totaling about 300,000 pounds sterling.

MGN issued a statement saying that they are happy to reach an agreement. This allows them to move on after events that happened many years ago. For which they have already apologized

However, Prince Harry is likely to sue Piers Morgan, the former editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror from 1995 to 2004, according to Sherbourne's statement. We call on the authorities to respect the law and prove that no one is above the law. Including Mr. Morgan “who knows better what happened,” the judge said.

“Even his employer knew that. There is no way to describe him (Morgan) as a witness to the truth,” Sherborne’s statement said. “His defamation of the court’s decisions. And his subsequent attack shows why it is important to get a clear and detailed ruling.”

“Our mission is far from over,” the final statement said, and Prince Harry wants to see it through to the end.

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