#MGRTOP7: “Madame Pang”, President of Thai Football | Drama “Beta” Grandma's Old House

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(News summary for February 5 – 10, 2024)

Number 1: “Madame Pang”, president of Thai football. Grab the 18th president of the federation to solve the problem of the Thai League. Renewing the contract of coach Ishii
The elections for the president of the Thai Football Association, which took place on February 8, revealed that “Madame Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam, the former president of Port Authority FC, won the election with a majority of 68 to 73 votes out of 5 candidates, and she is the 18th president of the Thai Football Association. She is also the first female president of the Association in the history of Asian member states. Ms. Pang revealed that it will come to solve both financial problems, especially the copyright of live broadcasts, scheduling of competitions in various leagues, extending the contract of Mr. Masatada Ishii, the coach of the Thai national team, for another two and a half years and opening a channel for football fans to submit suggestions for the development of Thai football.

Ms. Pang is the daughter of Mr. Phutipong and Ms. Yuba Lamsam, and is the wife of Colonel Narat Sawetnan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Royal Palace. He is the Managing Director and CEO of Muang Thai General Insurance Co., Ltd. in the football industry. Ms Pang made her name as manager of the Thai women's national football team. He led the team to compete in two Women's World Cup finals before becoming president of Port FC in 2015, winning the FA Cup for the first time in 10 years. He was also coach of the Thai national team, where he led the team to the World Cup. The 16 final teams in the 2023 Asian Cup will qualify for the next round before running for the position of president of the aforementioned federation.

No. 2: Drama “Peetha” Grandma's Old House Posted on IG of Baan Abhaibhubejhr, Battambang, Mother Cleans to Protect Child, Claims Misunderstanding

Throughout the past week, netizens have mined the photos and criticized Mr. Betha's case. Limcharoenrat List of Representatives and Chairman of the Imam Party Leader's Advisory Council Post a photo of Ban Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr. In the city of Battambang, Cambodia, she posted on Instagram in 2015, claiming that her grandmother lived in this house 100 years ago and included a message in Thai: “Grandma’s old house.” But the heirs of the Aphaiwong family who are descendants of Chao Phraya Aphaipoper came out to deny that he knew Mr. Pitha and did not consider him One of his relatives ever. Moreover, Chao Phraya Abhayupgir migrated back to Prachinburi District since 2010. 1907 After the Indochina conflict between Siam and France occurred

Later, Mr. Petha explained that he was not born before his grandmother, but Ms. Anusri Anuratnarupadong was married to Mr. Kassim Avayong, and Ms. Anusri was born in Phra Nakhon. I used to live in Battambang for a while. He is not of Khmer origin and is not of mixed race. As for posting pictures of Ban Chao Phraya Abhayabhar, it was with memories of the time in which we traveled. Based on the words of the elders and heads of the public at that time, as for Mrs. Tridaw Aphaiwong Sukhum, it turned out that Mrs. Lilada Limjaroenrat, the mother of Mr. Pitha, made a phone call to improve understanding and spoke with the elders of the Aphaiwong family. It is understood that Mr. Betha listened to his relatives' words being relayed to each other. Cause misunderstanding Thanks for remembering. Although they are not of the same breed

No. 3: “Nong Phon” Monrak, a rugged pickup truck Create another world with Changkit The accident kills the husband of a young factory worker who left the highway.
In the case of the death of Mr. Thanasan Thi An O Mai, 33 years old, a young man from a tire factory in Amata Nakorn Industrial Area, Phase 6, was attacked by a group of criminals led by Mr. Kitichut Baypraimon O Changkit Pangpo, 37 years old, along with his companions 5 people were kidnapped They were shot in the head to death before leaving the body along the fence of Highway No. 7, Km 41+100, Village No. 10, Bang Wu Sub-District, Bang Bakong District, Chachoengsao District, before someone discovered the body on January 29. It was in relation to the affair of Ms Wannaporn Laklim Oo Nong Phon, 33, the deceased wife who committed adultery with Chang Kit. Which was found on the day Mr. Mai's body was found. Nong Phon feels suspicious and acts like she is crying with Changkit by her side.

Although Ms. Wannaporn escaped the case, social media trends noted her having a sexual relationship with an adulterous man. In addition to the technician who drives a small steel truck. Senior Mr Mai also revealed that Nong Phone flirts. She may have had sex with up to seven men, including Mr Ekachai Another lover of Nong Von She went to pay respects to Mr Mai's mother and said he didn't really know Nong Von had a husband If you knew from the beginning, you definitely wouldn't be in trouble. While Mr. Nong is a close friend of Changkit and speaking on Hon Krasae on February 7, he mentioned that Nong Phon used to go to Chang Kit's house every day. Changkit complained that Nong Phon had very rough sex. On what day will the new owner leave the house? She also brought Nong Phon Changkit home to sleep with her.

In addition, there is the issuance of a group life insurance policy for the company. It is estimated that the amount ranges between 5-600 thousand baht, and Mr Mai's mother and Nong Phon must split the amount in half. But Nong Phone will receive additional money from the provident fund. Because the new president listed only Ms. Wannaporn's name.

No. 4: Trampling on the hearts of the Thai people, Tawan 112 threatens the convoy of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. I cannot accept that I want to investigate the ethics of Betha.

An event that broke the hearts of the Thai people On the evening of February 4, Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon, 20, the accused in Case 112, traveled in an MG car. New MG 3 model white, registration number 8 Kor Jor 1711 Bangkok. An unidentified man was the driver. Sounding long car horns and trying to follow the royal procession. His Royal Highness Prince Kanitthathirachaw Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Passed through Makkasan Junction When you reach Phahonyothin 1 Expressway, head towards the Victory Monument. The police officers on duty behind the car stopped it and Ms Tuan argued with the police officers. Claim why there should be a vehicle more convenient to travel in than a common car?

On the other hand, there is CCTV footage on the highway. It turned out that the royal convoy did not close the road. It took 31 seconds to pass, but Ms. Tuan's car tried to enter the convoy. The cars at the end of the train need to be protected. This is also protected by the Prime Minister or important people passing by. While people who believe in Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn said it was unacceptable behavior by everyone, Mr. Chadda Thesith, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said that if there was another one, he would definitely not accept it. Find something to be ungrateful to the earth. Very inappropriate. As for today's group, what are they lying about? Sending a letter to verify the morals of Mr. Petha Limcharoenrat, a list MP from the Kao Clay Party, because he was a sponsor of Ms. Tawan Kasit 112 before.

Incidentally, Mr. Bitha once said in the House of Representatives that he admired Ms. Tawan and Ms. Orawan Phobong or Pam, saying: “Every time I went to see Ms. Tawan and Ms. Pam, I looked into Tawan's eyes and saw my daughter Bibim there.” Keane also put up a Cancel 112 poster with Ms. Tawan.

No. 5: Chinese-Canadian youth cause problems for Thai Airways. Get up and open the door of the Chiang Mai-Bangkok plane. He claims that the secret organization is harmful.

Chaos on board a Thai Airways plane occurred at Chiang Mai Airport at 9:05pm on February 7, as Thai Airways flight TG121 Chiang Mai-Suvarnabhumi flying with an Airbus A320, registration HS-TXC, royal name Nong Bua Lamphu, was preparing For running on the runway. It turned out that one of the passengers was afraid. Get up and open the plane door. Make the slide unfold and the captain and pilot had to stop the plane unexpectedly, affecting 13 flights with a total of 2,296 passengers. After the accident, the accused was arrested. Allowing the remaining passengers to stay in hotels will be compensated before traveling the next day.

The police arrested the perpetrator. Known name is Mr. Wong Sai Heung, 40 years old, ethnicity Chinese, nationality Canadian. Computer engineer by profession He was taken to the investigating officer Phupingkharatchanivet Police Station for questioning. Mr Wong claims he did it because he was afraid he would be attacked. He previously traveled to Vietnam, feeling threatened and harmed by a secret organization that would follow and harm myself and destroy the plane that he himself was traveling on. He became afraid and tried to escape by opening the plane door. The inspection found that he entered Thailand on February 3 before traveling to Chiang Mai. On the day of the accident, he was returning to Bangkok to catch a flight back to Canada

However, after being detained awaiting remand at the Chiang Mai Provincial Court, Mr Wong instead hit his head with the bars, fracturing his head. Bite your arm The police saw his bad situation and took him to Suan Prong Hospital for mental treatment first. Then put him on trial again.

No. 6: NACC Recommends Digital Wallets It is not a crisis, do not borrow and be afraid to create long-term debt. Dr. Chai threatens not to give up on the crisis, and is scheduled to discuss Sethan on February 15.

Progress on Mr Sitha Thaweesin's government's digital wallet policy, where 10,000 baht is given per person to stimulate the economy. Yet opposition from the Bank of Thailand and academics because it may affect financial discipline. The National Anti-Corruption Authority apparently sent the results of the study to the Council of Ministers on February 7. Warning about the risks of corruption, economics, and legal matters, including blockchain technology. The political parties' policies have 8 proposals, especially since borrowing 500 billion baht may create a long-term debt burden. Moreover, the Thai economy has not yet reached crisis point. Distribution to vulnerable groups only should be considered.

Mr Chai Washarong, a government spokesman, threatened that if 10,000 baht of digital money was not distributed, the Thai economy could face a real crisis. As for Mr. Ruangkrai Likitwattana, a member of the Palang Pracharat Party, he warned that digital wallets may suffer losses such as mortgaging rice. Although the rice pledge has suffered a loss, there is still paddy rice. But if you lose the digital wallet, there will be nothing left. As for Mr. Cholavan Amornvivat, Deputy Minister of Finance, it was revealed that Mr. Sitha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, called a large meeting of the Digital Wallet Committee on February 15, stressing that the framework of the project remains the same. The original is still moving forward with the project while Mr. Sita confirmed that the meeting is ready to answer all questions.

#7: Lisa creates her new label LLOUD as a solo artist – debuting in the US after renewing contract with YG as a group

After the South Korean record company YG Entertainment renewed the contract with BLACKPINK in the form of group work without individual work. To open the way for the four members to go out and do their own work. Jennie opens a company called OA (Odd Atelier), while Jisoo looks for an opportunity to further her acting career, and Lisa Manoban turns out to be one of the members. Post an Instagram story with black and white photos. With the message “Coming soon” and setting a date for February 8, he finally revealed that Lisa has decided to start her own brand, LLOUD, saying: “Come and join this exciting journey. To cross new frontiers together.”

As for LLOUD, it is an artist management company. Or interest in his work as a solo artist states that it is a platform for expressing musical viewpoints. And the entertainment industry in Chung Lisa Lisa took a selfie with the billboard “LLOUD” in front of the TCL Chinese Theater, a place in history on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. California, USA, so Lisa must have registered a company in the US. There are also reports that another member, Rosé, is working on a song with an international famous producer. There is news that he may sign a contract with a major American company.

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