Love Languages ​​(The Five Love Languages) “Words are my love language. Saying I love you is an affirmation of my feelings.”

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“I believe that the thing that creates the greatest value for our humanity is “love”… a beautiful thing that comes from the heart with kindness and tenderness.. We all believe that.. the touch and taste of love is the spirit of reflecting the divine meaning.. through words.. which is considered “language.” “Love” which affirms feelings of love…for each other from all of humanity.

This is the meaning of the beautiful meaning of the “language of love” that is narrated and shown in the book of feelings. “To be loved”…

The Five Love Languages ​​is a work written by Gary Chapman, a doctor who is also a writer. A talk show presenter and also an expert in providing love advice with long experience… capable of achieving a lot of sales…

It is said that…every person…has a different way of expressing love…which contributes to misunderstanding…because they think the other person does not love them…Gary Chapman said something important about showing love: “People express their love… “In many different ways. The important thing is that you should know and understand what your partner's love language is.”

The 5 love languages ​​consist of symptoms… Express your love by showing your love.. By expressing your feelings.. With words, compliments, and support.. “Show your love by giving a gift…” With the realization that.. It doesn’t matter what It is that gift.. but it depends on the understanding and compassion that is hidden behind that gift..

“You should express your love through touch.” Think about getting close and touching the body. The intention is not always to have sex…or even to provide comfort while you are in a state of sadness…just consider it an expression of closeness…to your lover.

“Showing love by caring and caring” or helping and doing something..consider it a small is something your lover can do himself..

And.. “Show your love by spending time together.” This means that couples spend quality time together…even if it is just a few minutes, but it must be spent between each other…the most valuable…3 things you should know about love (3 things you should know about love) “Love means responsibility”.. Please don't just argue with each other.. let both parties be willing to apologize first.. it will count as something. Better… “Love is a verb”… that is, if and when. We hope that love will last, and its creation requires effort and sincere intention… *Love is satisfaction…”…we must give it importance, and fulfilling the desire of love…in security…

8 Key Insights 5 Love Languages ​​(5 Love Languages) *Love is not everything we want. It is not our only need. In fact, we also desire security. Giving importance and appreciating the value of the individual.. Love is what will make these aspirations.. able to help fill our lives with meaning..

*Find your own expression of love…what kind of love do you show to your partner? That you realize that it is indispensable.. and what.. makes you think that you are.. getting the most meaning from your life partner../ At the same time.. try to observe the couples who are your friends.. how they think and love each other..

*Mad love…it is considered romantic in the beginning…you will feel energetic and nervous sometimes…you will feel happy when spending time together…you may even overlook your partner's faults. Which will be in a period of 6-24 months.

* Men often misunderstand the expression of love.. They often misunderstand that.. using physical contact is an expression of love.. or if it is “non-sexual” at any time inconsistent or compatible with your needs.. it means that.. It may not be an expression of love for you either.

*Welcome to the real world..that means. When the time of crazy love ends…the couple will enter the reality of living together…which requires intention…and actions will no longer depend on feelings…the next…it depends on your decision…unconditional love…

*If showing love to a couple… is not something natural for you… try to learn and start getting to know their love gradually… and soon you will feel more normal.

* Can you love a husband who does not love you? It may seem difficult, but it is possible. You will need to use effort and patience to build a strong relationship, but there are many cases in which love can win the heart of the other person.

And the..

*Children.. Show love too.. If you try to observe, try to notice the children.. How they respond to different situations. We will find out whether or not we have shown them love ourselves in a consistent and appropriate way, and when our children's love madness is over, they will enter the reality of living together… which requires intention… because. From now on, any action will no longer depend on feelings. Rather, it will depend on the decision “unconditional love.”

It is said that people always have a bucket of love. The reservoir is in the heart. It can be filled. It can also disappear. In fact, people often long for love from others to fill this reservoir. Therefore, when the reservoir is full, we will be happy. We will be successful in life. …so we can give good love to our lovers and those around us.. but if we lack love.. life may be revealed as “broken.”

And when we reach this point… we can review ourselves and our love to see whether we speak the same language of love or not, because he does not know this love at all.

“Your husband may want to hear some encouraging words from you…but you may also feel a desire to encourage him by cooking something delicious for him…or…maybe your wife is looking for you to spend time with her…without the children. Or is the computer competing for your attention? And you don't understand why she's not excited about a big bouquet of flowers. I bought it to surprise her…

This serves as the inspiration for the book, the secret of long-lasting love… distilled from experience. Couples counseling for over 30 years by Dr. Gary Chapman

It is an important part of making this book published 10 times continuously… so that it is an influential book in contributing. Many married couples have had the opportunity to learn how to express their love for each other in ways that the other person can recognize… including knowing how to maintain love in their marriage. Gentle and fragrant, sweet and long lasting forever..

This book will make us think about good thought processes about love. ..This is difficult to forget in life. It is the memory that is our happiness and sadness that sticks to us.. Having a conscience towards love is the light of the beautiful mind and wisdom that always embraces our hearts..

“To be loved is one thing. To be loved is everything./Friendship is love without sex. And add other reasons.. Like love, it is friendship plus sex. And remove the reason/…Men tend to fall in love with the person they are attracted to.” A woman falls in love with the person she falls in love with./ Love is visible with the eyes. But feel it in your heart/ You will know that you love him.. only when you want him to be happy.. even if that happiness means.. that you are not part of it/..if You love someone.. Tell them.. Do not hesitate.. Otherwise you will lose your chance./..Do not marry the one you can live with.. Rather, marry the one you cannot live without../..Love is like wet cement. The longer you stay The more stuck you become.. You can't go anywhere.. without leaving any trace behind../Men fall in love with their eyes..but women fall in love with their ears/..The main sadness is to live life without love.. But it is equally sad to leave this world without saying “I love you” to the person you love. Saying “I love you” only takes one second, but it takes a lifetime. “How much I love you” appears when you love someone. Don't be sorry for the things you did…but be sorry for the things you didn't do…and…in the end…that love is the risk that…you won't get love in return…hope is a state of risking pain…trying is Risk failure. But no matter what, you have to take a risk… because the most dangerous thing in life is “not to risk anything in life.”

All of these concepts that were mentioned… are metaphorical materials that reflect the inspiration from the prototype of the precious love book by Gary Chapman… “The Five Love Languages” (The Five Love Languages)… Every book that is read always gives the power of love to arise in the heart. It is the truth upon which the world of meaning is built, filled with beautiful, deep, and valuable imagination

It is a book… for all the thoughts that come from pure and true love. Knok Banasan has translated this book with purpose… and it is full of power that can create feelings of deep love for love… and even more…

“We all always have a seed of love within ourselves.. Understanding love and seeing it in its different forms.. will help bridge the gap of misunderstanding and be able to see the ‘language of love’…”

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