“Viroj” pointed out the chaos in the royal procession which was false. I'm sure there were people who objected out of good intentions but were warned.

“Viroj” pointed out the chaos in the royal procession which was false. Every country should take steps to protect important people. I'm sure there are people who disagree with my opinion. But we must caution with good wishes.

Today (9 February 2024) Mr. Viroj Lakhanadishorn, Member of the House of Representatives (MP), the Progressive Party has posted on its Facebook page about a case where a chairman of the list form committee went through the palace. Participate in driving and honking in the royal procession on February 4. Greetings as follows:

It is not necessary to consider whether the journey is a state procession or not, but generally every country must take measures to protect important persons during the journey. Important persons may be representatives of foreign countries. or government visitors, and the government does not allow adverse events during travel. Conservation requires constant measures.

“The process of protecting important people if someone interferes and it is carried out according to state standards is really wrong. I understand that some of you may not agree with my opinion this time. You may criticize me, but as a person I have good intentions. So I've always felt that if necessary reflect what I think is wrong. I had the courage to reflect on that idea. Obviously, that may be something some people don't want to hear.”

I am sure many will know my best wishes, added Mr.Virod. Good luck and don't necessarily agree on everything. We see things differently. We need to be honest with each other. Even if it is a genuine desire without circularity

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