“Mbi Puat” appeared in the area, taking off his orange shirt, to remove weeds in Bang Mot community, Klong Bua. People flocked to voice their opinions in two ways.

On November 5, 2023, Progressive Party Bangkok MP Mr. Reporters said that Saiyambavan posted Manbiyansit on Facebook. This is a picture of a visit to the Bang Mod community. With the message “Weeds in Pua canal area behind Bang Mot community have been successfully removed. Khlong Pua behind Bang Mot community has not been weeded for many years. As a result, the water is coming out slowly and smelling bad. I have coordinated with Som Thong district office. Som helped quickly to solve this problem. Thanks to Dhang District Office.”

Reporters said that Mr. Sayambawan was wearing a white shirt without the Khao Klai party symbol, which was different from his earlier visits to the area. Orange jacket should be worn and the Progressive Party symbol should be placed on the area.

And there were comments from followers saying thank you for stopping wearing the party shirt and not resigning yet, reporters said. There are those who go to express their opinions. Using the name Tim Pita, he said he wants “the party to go ahead and show evidence… What’s wrong with crab sticks? Not allowing Mr. Buad to explain. Don’t talk about how unfair it is to Kun Buad.. Can’t explain.. Can’t show evidence. .This is unfair to Mr. Phuad.. definitely bring it to the community to judge..”

There were respondents who said that it should not be published as it would put the victim in a wrong position. damage etc

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