Israel gives villagers four hours to evacuate to the southern Gaza Valley.

CNN reported that Israel Defense Forces spokesman Avesh Adri posted on X that Israel would give villagers in the northern Gaza Strip a chance. The southern area of ​​Wadi Gaza Governorate was evacuated between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm today, for a period of 4 hours, to ensure their safety. Although Israeli soldiers were ambushed by Hamas yesterday, while trying to open safe passage for civilians. The main road to evacuate villagers is Salah al-Din Road.

Mr. Adraee stated that if you care about yourself and the people you love. We advise you to evacuate to the southern areas of Wadi Gaza, following our instructions. Please be assured that Hamas cares about its own standing. CNN initially reported that, it is not known whether the ad published by the IDF on X was in this format. Will it reach the residents of the Gaza Strip or how well do people know? Because most areas suffer from power outages and Internet outages. Will the evacuation route, Salah al-Din Road, be truly safe?

Earlier, Hamas ambushed Israeli army forces with mortar shells and anti-tank guns while they were clearing a road from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south. So that the villagers can evacuate safely, written by Mr. Adraee, who accuses Hamas of wanting to use the villagers as human shields. It acts as a shield to keep them and their leaders safe. We do not want the villagers to migrate to the southern region of the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched air and ground attacks on Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip. They also attacked civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure, which the Israeli military says are places used by Hamas fighters as bases from which to launch attacks on Israel.

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