BMW Beyond Electric Chapter II Test drive the latest electric i5 model.

Story: Nathas Singsuriya

● BMW Thailand is organizing this event BMW Beyond Electric Chapter 2 Pathum Thani Speedway has several electric train models available for test drives. With highlights in i5 Recently launched there are two sub-models available for test drive: BMW i5 eDrive 40 M Sport The price is 4,999,000 baht and BMW i5 M60 xDrive Price 5,599,000 baht Both models come with BSI standard 4 year, unlimited mileage.

Mr. Opas Nopornpitak, Director, Corporate Communications, BMW Group Thailand

● Warm up by playing with different entertainment systems. The model is i5 M60 xDrive which has AIRCONSOLE function, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the screen to turn your smartphone into a joystick. To play games in the car, up to 7 devices can be connected simultaneously, and the car already has games to choose from. Play games with the Bowers & Wilkins sound system or listen to music via Bluetooth for good sound quality.

1. Slalom : Use the i7 xDrive60 to test the new version of the Integrated Active Steering system. Working from a standstill at low speed the rear wheels rotate opposite the front wheels. To make the turning circle narrower and at speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour. The rear wheels will turn in the same direction as the front wheels. So that the car can change lanes more smoothly. It can turn a maximum of 3.5 degrees.

● Move away from the starting point. Press the accelerator pedal fully. At the point where the pylon was placed, an emergency maneuver was necessary. Flee along the designated path. Here you will feel that the car control is very light. And the car responds so quickly there’s almost no sign of backswing to be felt. Then brake to reduce speed on the left curve. Then continue driving the slalom. The speed is not very high because the pylons are placed close to each other. Here, people sitting at the back say they feel there is turning assistance at the back. As for the driver, he found it easy to make short turns.

● The first run is a slalom experience off the edifice to experience the feel of the corners. When using a large steering angle, you will clearly know that the rear wheels help in turning. The second time, try driving close to Belun, without moving the steering wheel too much. You can still detect symptoms that help the rear wheels turn.

● The station is completed by placing a tower to simulate a situation where you have to drive through a narrow road. Take a back and forth turn. At first glance, I thought it was impossible. We’re not even sure a regular-sized car would get through, but with the i7 being nearly 5.4 meters long, we can drive through it comfortably. If you get down and look at the other people driving, you can clearly see that the rear wheels are turning in the opposite direction to the front wheels.

2. Circular sliding pad with wet surface : With an i4 experience the differences in turning the stability assist system or DSC off and on, it is possible to turn it off completely, on it completely or turn it on halfway. Drive to the station at a low speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Then turn the steering wheel until your arms are crossed and press the throttle all the way, for the first couple of turns, turn off the DSC and the back of the car will move very quickly. I can even barely see the image outside the car. If you were actually driving on the road and turning this way it would be difficult to survive an accident.

● Round 3: Engage DSC fully and drive as normal. The system will help the car not to lose balance. Even if you press the accelerator pedal to the maximum, the car is still able to turn according to the angle of the steering wheel, and there are no symptoms of excessive yaw or tail twitching, and it does not cause the car to have a stubborn face or UIndersteer, and it can be said that the car is 100 percent under the driver’s control, but of course the transmission power to the rear wheels will be reduced somewhat.

● The final run is run on only half of the system. So that the car still has some free wheel rotation. I think it is for driving on wet and slippery roads. If the system is fully engaged, the vehicle may not move. When the system is halfway turned on, it feels like the end of the cycle will slowly happen. And you are able to do what the trainer advises you to do at the right time, that is, when you press the end, lift the accelerator. Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction to prevent the car from turning. Which resolved the vehicle’s symptoms in time but if you’re driving on public roads, turning on the full DSC system is probably the best option.

3. Handling course + launch control : With both i5 models, you’ll be able to drive the i5 M60 xDrive Highlight for two laps and the i5 eDrive40 M Sport for one, on a small circuit. Electric cars have a fairly aggressive and quick response. Try pressing the accelerator pedal a little more in turns. Yang was already starting to make noises of protest. So you have to do what the coach recommends. Waiting to enter the straight lane and the steering returns to an upright position before pressing the accelerator pedal hard, and in Sport mode it is difficult to drive smoothly. Because just lightly touch the gas pedal. The car seems to be rushing forward.

● After driving the i5 eDrive40 M Sport for one lap, I moved on to driving the powerful i5 M60 xDrive for another two laps, and let me tell you, the power is 442 kW or 601 hp from the front and rear motors. It makes driving very enjoyable. Plus the suspension, steering and brakes feel like an ICE car, stable and confident to drive. Makes you dare to drive fast. Although I’m still not familiar with the car.

● Try launch control mode by turning on Sport mode. The left foot fully presses the brake. The right foot steps on the accelerator. When you’re mentally ready, take your left foot off the brake. Hold down the accelerator pedal. You will feel like you are riding a spaceship through the warp dimension. There was no free sound to be heard. From a standstill, it takes just 3.8 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour.

● If you are interested in seeing more information, please visit the following website: Or call BMW ConnectedDrive on 1397 or Or contact official BMW dealers nationwide ●

Thanks to BMW Group Thailand for the concept car.

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