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David Chen, Product Manager of MSI (Thailand), said that after the CES 2024 event in early January 2024, MSI launched 4 new models of QD-OLED displays at the same time, with the ability to choose from curved and straight displays, with screen sizes ranging from 49″, 34″, 32″ and 27″, which are distinguished in terms of bright display. Realistic with accurate color gamut parameters

Including smoothness and speed for players. Most importantly, MSI OLED CARE 2.0 is an intelligent function that protects QD-OLED panels from burn-in that can often occur with generic OLED displays, and also gives users confidence with a 3-year warranty including burn-in coverage, making MSI QD-OLED the choice Best for gaming monitors at this time.

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As for the range of new products that will go on sale in 2024, there are 1. QD-OLED 4 models with deep, deep blacks, as well as other colors that remain bright, sharp and smooth without interruption. Highest resolution screen. Certainly like every line use 3. white screen, distinctive looking screen, white, modern style and finally 25 screen, 25 inch screen comes with the latest innovations as well.

Mr. Thanyachit Ekwechawet, Chief Operating Officer of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, along with Mr. Batham Phongwitayapipat, General Manager of the pizza company within The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited's operations, strengthening its leadership in the pizza game in Thailand. Declare greatness once again

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With the launch of the Buy 1 Get 1 Free campaign on every page, every border, everywhere in Thailand. Strengthening the delivery leadership, offering guaranteed hot, fast, and delicious delivery service within 20 minutes to the Bangkok branch is ready to move forward with the Fandom Marketing strategy, by bringing on the most exciting duo, Biwkin – Putthipong Assaratanakul and PP – Krit Amnuaydejkorn, to sit as duo presenters. This will help expand the customer base among teenagers and stimulate increased sales throughout this year

Central Pattana Public Company Limited, a leading developer of retail shopping malls. Cooperating with leading credit card partner CardEx Co., Ltd. To organize a special campaign. Let's dine together, as exclusive dining emphasizes the true nature of the dining destination, providing complete happiness. Offering 3 special privileges to CardX credit card holders and all types of SCB credit cards at over 20 leading restaurants

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Such as AKA, On the Table, ZEN Japanese Restaurant, Chabuton Ramen, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Pepper Lunch, KATSUYA, Yoshinoya, Canton Paradise, CHUAN Kitchen, Saemaeul, Shabu Tomo, Starbucks, Tsuta, Victoria by Cocotte, La Meow, Turmeric, Lime Charoen Seafood, Iao Tai Suki Boran 1960 in 5 branches of Central Shopping Mall: Central World, Central Pinklao, Central Ladprao, Central Rama 3 and Central Westgate from 1 March 2024 to 30 April 2024.

Giffarine Skyline Unity Company Limited offers Giffarine Wheat Ceramide Plus, a dietary supplement product. Wheat germ oil mixed with wheat extract, natural olive oil and vitamin E, soft capsule type, the first time in Thailand with concentrated ceramides extracted from 100% wheat in the form of oil, it contains important substances that help in deep skin care. Combines the value of wheat germ oil. Natural olive oil and vitamin E strengthen the skin barrier. From the inside out let you say goodbye to dry skin. Say hello to healthy skin with confidence.

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