ALRO confirms land issue in Khao Yai Get legal title It is mostly used for agriculture.

2 March 2024 – Public Relations Officer Nakhon Ratchasima has announced that the Agricultural Land Reform Office intends to issue a report on the dispute between the provincial land reform boundary and the Khao Yai National Park boundary. Officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection came to remove the evidence markers carried out by the Agricultural Land Reforms Office (ALRO) in pursuance of their powers under the Act with Agricultural Land Reforms. Village No. 10, Ban Hew Pla Kong, Moo Si Sub-District, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which may cause disputes between government agencies.

1. The land in the disputed area is land owned by ALRO for use in agricultural land reform as per section 26 (3) and section 36 bis of the Agricultural Land Reform Act. The boundaries are in Sikyo District, Chung Non District and Pak Chong District. Nakhon Ratchasima Province will be a land reform area in 1991. The Royal Thai Land Survey Department examined the field book data, which examined the boundaries of the National Park Service according to international cartographic and surveying standards, and confirmed that there was no disputed area. Within the national park area, at any rate

2. According to item 1 the land in the disputed area is only the land outside the boundaries of national parks and reserved forests, classified land from Khao Yai Forest acquired by ALRO. (The area outside Khao Yai National Park as per Royal Decree gazetted on September 18, 1962) with an area of ​​approximately 33,896 rai was decided by the Cabinet on March 3, 1987 to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Co-operative Societies to take legal action Land Development Committee No. 26 December 1984 with Forest Department on Agricultural Land Reforms. As per the proposal dated 6/1984 (then in-charge of National Parks) and S.K were joined as members of the Committee. It has been studied and determined that the area given to ALRO under the above conditions is mainly used by agricultural activities, more than 86.25%.

3. Therefore ALRO has the power and duty to take the above mentioned land measuring approximately 33,896 Rais. (Without any problem regarding overlapping of maps showing boundary lines in disputed area between ALRO and National Park Department including land in disputed area, should be provided to farmers as per Agricultural Land Reform Act, BE 2518. Any kind of wild animals and plants

4. However, the land acquired by ALRO in the disputed area shall be within the boundaries of the National Park in case the Cabinet has the policy to update the State Land Boundary Map as per the Map Scheme. Concerned agencies should continue to promote legislation at the legislative level. Pursuant to the Cabinet Resolution dated November 22, 2022, help provide compensation to bona fide farmers who have lost their rights under the Agricultural Land Reforms Act. As per the proposal of the National Land Policy Committee, the task of updating the State Land Boundary Map, 10 points.

5. As regards solutions to problems arising, ALRO still adheres to the principle that if it appears that there are ALRO officers who have inspected the land in areas where forest conditions are still present. This is actually a case of non-compliance with other relevant regulations and agreements. In this ALRO has appointed a committee to investigate the facts and move the concerned officials out of the area to make the investigation transparent and fair to all parties.Officials ALRO. If whoever commits the offense or arranges the land violates the spirit of the law or commits any wrongdoing which damages the agricultural land reform process, ALRO will take both disciplinary, civil and criminal legal action against the concerned at maximum. And vice versa, ALRO has managed the allotment of land in accordance with rules and regulations. It is a pertinent case that the rights of farmers should be protected by law and there should be legality in ALRO owning the land. There should be no agency that interferes with or delays the rights of these people.

In this regard, ALRO will stand firm in performing its duties in protecting the rights of farmers in land reform areas. Agriculture should be in accordance with the intent of the Act in all respects and the activities of ALRO officials who have acted improperly will be investigated in order to identify them. And if a crime is found, strict action will be taken according to the law.

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