LiVE Platform partners with NIA TCELS and KPMG to shape new economy businesses in the capital market through the New S Curve to Capital Market project.

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The LiVE platform is from Lifefincorp Limited within the Stock Exchange of Thailand Group. Collaborating with government and private sector partners, including the Center of Excellence in Life Sciences (Public Institution) (TCELS), National Innovation Agency (Public Institution) (NIA) and KPMG Thailand launch New S Curve to Capital Market project, providing expertise to support entrepreneurs In 3 target industries: life sciences, high technology, and high growth, to apply knowledge to business development. With the opportunity to receive financial support to grow into a high-quality company ready to enter the capital market. It plays a role in driving growth in the country. Applications to participate in the project are open today – April 26, 2024.

Mr. Pravan Charoenprawat, Director of the Live Stock Exchange and Managing Director of Lifefincorp Limited, a subsidiary of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Group, said that the stock exchange aims to support increasing the trading potential of entrepreneurs through the LiVE platform, which is a platform that creates knowledge and understanding. Grow Your Business Prepare for Continued Access to Capital Sources in the Capital Market This year, the stock exchange sees the growth opportunity for new economy businesses, which plays an important role in pushing the country's economic engine to grow by leaps and bounds. It targets companies in three industry groups: life sciences, a company engaged in pharmaceutical and health products, high technology, a company that uses technology to develop products and services, and high growth, a company with high expansion potential. Which has collaborated with experienced partners including TCELS, NIA and KPMG, to organize the New S Curve to Capital Market project, a course to prepare companies to target the capital market.

The new S-curve to capital market project aims to develop knowledge and techniques in business processes. Management skills and willingness to grow and raise funds in various forms. The project is open to 60 companies to join in developing their potential through workshops, training and individual training over a period of 4 months (July-October 2024). Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to obtain financing from the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF). ) The largest number of companies, 1 million baht each, including financing from other partners, on terms determined by the project.

Dr. Krysvaka Bonvuyang, Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Institution) or NIA said that the important role played by NIA is to promote and develop the potential of innovation entrepreneurs to be able to create innovations and launch them commercially. Obtaining funding sources Cooperating with the stock exchange is an important gateway to help entrepreneurs in the science, research and technology sectors, which is the country's new economy, gain knowledge and the ability to develop strong business models. Preparing the working system to be ready. Innovation and technology create the willingness to engage in fundraising to grow businesses with high quality and expand their impact in the Thai economy and society.

Miss Bayada Hanchaisoksakul, Deputy Director, Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization) (TCELS) said that the life sciences industry plays a very important role in improving the quality of human life. It is an industry driven by innovation that impacts the global economy. Therefore, TCELS plays an important role at the national level to support, lead and enhance innovation, technology and services in the life sciences industry. It also plays an important role in developing countries and to foster an ecosystem that allows innovation to be rapidly used commercially and socially, TCELS has collaborated with the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Strengthening the potential of entrepreneurs in the country's new economy so that entrepreneurs can compete effectively. Increase competitive strength as well as support the creation of funds in order to continue sustainable business growth.

Mr. Charon Phosamritlert, CEO of KPMG in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, said that KPMG is ready and has a team of experts to advise on strategic planning. To enhance potential in business planning and competition. As well as helping entrepreneurs prepare in various aspects, KPMG attaches great importance to the company's strategy. Operational strategy Financial strategy Personnel strategy including business plan preparation Participants will receive guidance to achieve business growth as well as become a publicly listed company and create economic value for Thailand in the future.

Interested entrepreneurs study the details and apply to join the New S Curve to Capital Market project at

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