Problems: Thaksin Thaksin creates problems!?

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Despite receiving a suspended sentence, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's ongoing tour of social events. Because in such a situation there must be conditions. And can go within the limited circle but according to him, everything is “beyond the limits”.

At the same time, such movements began to have an effect on himself and on himself. Until it “creates problems” again with society?

In the past, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra is understood to have returned to serve his sentence “under certain conditions” he himself had announced. I only want to “raise my grandchildren” and know that I am already old. Not involved in politics but the behavior seen at this time has changed to the opposite. This is a pre-emptive action. It's a way to open your face without worrying about anyone.

However, on the other hand, there was danger for him and for him. And another part of society because Mr. Thaksin arrives to serve his sentence but refuses to spend even a day in jail. Act above the law All the rules are well known to everyone in the society because it is an abuse that distorts the process of justice.

Extensive wiring has been going on for the past month since I moved north and returned to my hometown in Chiang Mai province. They said they were going to pay respects to the ancestors but the schedule was long. No different from going to work. Listening to reports Prime Ministers, ministers and senior civil servants all report to work. Then he went to a social event. Recently, he went to preside over the state cremation ceremony of Mr. Anon Saichang in Chachongsao province the day before.

And from the latest revelation, the leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Mrs Padong Than Shinawatra, her daughter, former Prime Minister Mr. Thaksin confirmed Shinawatra's planned visit to Chiang Mai province. During the Songkran festival, Mr. Thaksin confirmed that he would definitely go. But no specific date has been set yet. And this time he did not travel with him. Like last time

Of course, for all political enthusiasts, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's journey must be decided already. This is clearly “political” work. Analyzing the origin of this movement, the main reason comes from trying to “Save the Pew Thai Party” and want to build a reputation for yourself to continue. Almost twenty years later everything has a decline. They were thoroughly defeated by the Progressive Party until they lost the last election. Clearly reflecting that his charisma didn't help much.

So this time I come back as soon as possible with the intention of returning everything to its original state. Or at least be prepared to deal with the coming events.

However, if we consider the movement that takes place, it also creates danger. Especially the character of Mr. Thaks. Because many understand it under some “confidential agreement” and some “conditions”, especially with the word he returned this time. Don't get involved in “come back to raise your grandkids” politics. Let's see what he is doing considering such a movement. “Breach of terms” or any agreement? So what happens after this?

Especially the lecturer of People's Fusion Faculty Mr. Comments by Jatuborn Brombon. Pew, who was in Thai party circles and knew Mr Thaksin Shinawatra well before the split, assessed the situation as there would be heated political events by April. This was attributed to Mr Thaksin's “false deal”.

He pointed out an “important side.” posted a message saying “I am not coming back to raise my grandchildren. But returning to herding the dogs in the pen, he used the strong word “hard work,” thus clearly reflecting a dejected mood.

“The published news says that he did not come back to raise the grandchild, showing that raising the grandchild was part of Thaksin Shinawatra's return home contract, and today no one is talking about raising the grandchild. “No one who agrees to join a political party or pursue political work will dare to deal with them,” said Mr. Sadbourn said.

On Wednesday, April 3, Mr. Sutbourne discussed. It can overrule the court on that day without voting under Article 152 of the Constitution. Will the Constitution consider accepting the Election Commission's (EC) demand to dissolve Khao Khlai Party or not?

However, he will also include an order to stop the party's executive committee from performing its duties if the Constitutional Court accepts the request. Therefore, when the House of Representatives begins on April 3, Forward Party Committee members must hurry and discuss this matter first, otherwise they may not discuss it.

Did the incident in the Progressive Party dissolve the party? There will be no need for Thaksin to help. Because the power mechanism can manage itself. Using the example of the Thai Rak Thai Party in the past there were 377 votes and still could not resist disbanding the party. And the Progressive Party, which has only 151 votes, will also be difficult to overcome.

For senators, their term ends on May 11. While waiting for a new group of senators to assume their duties, Mr. Jatuborn expects. The Constitutional Court rules that they are acting senators. Can Senators vote to elect the Prime Minister or not? This shows the pressure in the political situation of the Pyu Thai Party is another category in the future

However, considering the situation, politics started to get more and more heated. Because many things are coming to light. Also, resentment has accumulated from society, acting as “advantageous” and privileged individuals. In this changing scenario, Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra's reputation has deteriorated considerably, so there are attempts to make a comeback. There may be opposing forces of equal strength. Or at least the other side won't win. That is the problem. It has become an invitation to return. Coming from his own problems created all sorts of problems!!

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