LIVE HERE…Second Half, World Cup Qualifiers, Asia Zone, Thailand national team drew 1-1 with China national team.

2026 World Cup Qualifiers, Asia Zone, Round 2, First Match, Group C

Thursday 16 November 2023

Thailand national team meets China national team

2026 World Cup Qualifiers, Asia Zone, Second Round, Group C, First Match on November 16, 2023 at Rajamangala Stadium. Thailand, ranked 112th in the world, kicks off at home against the 79th-ranked Chinese national team. In this world.

In this game, Thailand national team manager Mano Polking uses True Bangkok United’s goalkeeper Pathiwat Kammai, and the main team is complete, Thirathan Panmathan, team leader Sarach Yuen, Subasok Sarasad. , Sanadib. Songkrasin and Suphanat Mueanta goals, Chinese national team coach, Alexandra Jankovic, former Espanyol striker Wu Lei, lead the team.

The first half of the game started and in the 5th minute Sanadib Chongrasin showed his style, taking the ball away from the Chinese players and returning it to Sarach Yuen, who flicked it to the left for Therathon Panmathan to beat Subanath Muyanda. Tang. The left shot was not strong enough to be caught by the Chinese goalkeeper.

On 23 minutes, the Thai supporters were booed by a counter-attack in their own half. When China’s last player failed to clear the ball in the middle of the field, Sanadib Sangrasin latched on to a loose ball. He took a stroke before centering the ball to Sarach Yuen, then hit a half toss to his full left. A 1-0 lead outside the penalty area sent Thailand national team fans into a frenzy.

China equalized against Thailand in the 29th minute when Sarach Yuen passed the ball and blocked Dan Long in the middle of the field before pulling him into the penalty area. Before paying and filling it at the second post, Wu Lee charged at full-time to level the score at 1-1, Wu Lee scoring his third Thai goal at this Rajamangala Stadium.

35 minutes Thailand had to take off the injured Bansa Hemwipoon and replace him with Manuel Tom Behar. Entering injury time, 45 + 5 Sanadib Sangrasin had a chance to score in the penalty area. At the end of the first half, the Thai team was tied 1-1 with the Chinese national team.

The second half started in the 59th minute with Sanadib Tsongras’ ball on the left. Sarach Yuen had a chance to make a full tackle before scooping the ball into the penalty area. The ball flew towards the box, but still went straight to Yan Jun Ling’s back.

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