The Prime Minister is pleased! Bangkok ranks fourth as the most searched tourist city in the world in 2023.

A “government spokesman” revealed that the “Prime Minister” is happy that Bangkok will rank fourth among the most searched tourist cities in the world in 2023, which reflects Thailand’s popularity as a tourist destination. Willing to pay to develop the potential of being a tourist city even further.

Today (November 16, 2023), Mr. Chai Washarong, Spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that through the results of a survey and ranking of the world’s 10 most searched cities for 2023 (Top 10 Most Searched Destinations for 2023), organized by eDreams Odigeo, the largest Travel company in the world. It was found that the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, ranked fourth after London, Paris and New York.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office said: Traveloffpath (…) indicates that Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It continues to strengthen its position as one of the most popular destinations in Asia. It is characterized by its unique combination of ancient temples and bustling markets. Including serene landscapes can provide an experience for tourists like watching a movie. It is difficult to replicate this during summer vacations in European and American cities. There are also amazing historical places like the Grand Palace and Wat Arun Rachewaram which all beautifully complement the city life on the way. Besides the floating market and the lively Khao San Road

The 10 most searched places in the world in 2023 are: No. 1 London, United Kingdom, No. 2 Paris, France, No. 3 New York, United States, No. 4 Bangkok, Thailand, No. 5 Barcelona, ​​Spain, sixth place Istanbul, Turkey, Seventh place: Tokyo, Japan, eighth place: Rome, Italy, ninth place: Milan, Italy, and tenth place: Madrid, Spain.

“These ranking results confirm the potential of Thailand. To be a tourist destination that tourists care about Mr. Sita Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance We thank the cooperation of all agencies who have worked together to push the Thai tourism industry to grow strongly. In addition, the Prime Minister also thanked tourists for their faith They enjoy tourism in Thailand and their admiration for it. The government confirmed that it will continue to develop the capacity to accommodate tourists. It is easy to take care of safety and provide a form of tourism that responds to the needs of tourists. But it still maintains its Thai identity. Mr. Chai said: “A clear culture.”

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