Great-Amanda responded after she was caught eating with a close adult.

The cheer team remains excited throughout. To the relationship of the young hero with a dark face. Warintorn Great Panhakarn And beauty queen actress Amanda Opdam Miss Universe Thailand 2020

Recently, there were photos of them dining together with Dio Pinkamon Malenont, CEO of Channel 3, as well as Sherri Khiem Absorn, Mai Fuyang-Arum, etc. People couldn't help but joke that it was like he felt taking his girlfriend to meet him. Recently, he confronted a reporter. Great Amanda So he caught them and asked.

start at Amanda This explains the photo: “We often go together, and the photo is just the actors that day. But usually there are other people who went with them. It's a gang that often meets to eat. But that day there were only Da and Brother Azim. The picture looks like an encounter with an adult, but in reality it was not.

People tease me about asking adults for permission to date or not?

“Oh wow (laughs) right?”

Brother Grete said in an interview that he loves Amanda?

“Because we are beautiful. It's hard to say no (laughs). They are brothers and sisters who participated in the tournament.”

Does he have a flirtatious attitude?

“No, since I announced I was single, to be honest, I thought there had to be some DMs, but there haven't been anything. It's really quiet. There's nothing.

Maybe he thinks Da might have a lot of people to talk to and flirt with?

“I don't know. Is that possible? No (smiles).”

Did Great Me send a message?

“(Laughs) Well, it's a brotherly feeling, meeting at work, sending a feeling via DM and posting the story. It's normal. When we meet at events, we post stories. He doesn't care.”

Do you think there is a possibility?

“Ask him (If he's flirting with me, is it okay for me?) Let me think about it first, great brother. I'll talk to him now (laughs).”

Are our walls high?

“It's not too high, it's open to opportunities. Nothing's been blocked, there's no walls to go through, but now we're at a point where we're happy. Everything around us is good. Be it parents, siblings, co-workers. Everyone around us is very good. So We do not feel there is anything to fill at this time.

People fancy us, they want ghosts to keep them away. And the crowds cheered?

“There are still people cheering for Amanda and P'Cherry. It's a must. P'Cherry is cute.”

Now 100% single?

“100%. You're not alone. You can flirt.”

If Azeem says he wants to flirt?

“Go and ask him first. (Could my specifications be great?) I feel like I'm starting to grow up. The specifications are no longer in the face. It's more about temperament. It's as if we're looking for life's friends. Because of the beauty, once you grow up, everything will disappear.” “(And could P'Great have a personality like Great?) Oh, P'Great has a good, kind personality.”

side Great Warrenthorn Asked about Amanda Are you flirting or not? To which he immediately replied that “I'm not flirting. (There is a picture of eating with Khun Dieu. Channel 3 directors?) Pictures from that day: Usually we would go out to eat. With adults in the same group close to me and Meda and me, but in Actually there are many others, it's a queue with exactly the same free time I see the same thing, there are people commenting and there are people cheering, thank you very much.

Azim once said in an interview that he likes Amanda's specifications?

“Well, Nong Suai, I starred in my first drama with Amanda, 'Matalada,' and we got to see him for who he really is. Before that, during Covid, I remember when my younger sister was competing in a beauty pageant at home, I watched it, my grandmother watched it, and we cheered.” “And then we met the real person. She's really beautiful.”

Was there any shyness when we met?

“When we were first acting in dramas, we were shy sometimes. Now we're not shy anymore, and we're close.”

Are you single now?

“I know, oh! It's news, but I'm not really flirting.”

So what's a DM going to do?

“Oh, there are some. When I take a photo and tag it. But it wasn't just a photoshoot of them, it was a photoshoot of them working together. (Is this our way of teasing?) Not in teasing.

There was a message saying good night. Good morning?

“No, no, no, seriously, there's enough to eat together. When we parted and came back, we greeted each other about when next time would be.

Seriously, a lot of people are teasing you, are you embarrassed?

“Actually, there are a lot of people who tease us even if we don't really flirt with the younger brother. When people tease me, I feel embarrassed. (Do you want to cheer up?) Seriously, when we eat together. Sometimes they tease me too. Also, B-Cherry (Khem) Absorn Sirisuka bothers me too, I was aware of that.

Is there a chance?

“I feel like this kind of relationship is cute. This relationship is really because we both starred in dramas with Nong. Get to know each other's personalities, go out to eat, see each other, and relationships like this are cute.”

If the future is pushed by a ghost?

“Let it be a matter of the future, as of today we are still brothers. I don't flirt. (Single like this for a very long time?) Single for a long time first.”

But the mother wants to find her daughter-in-law?

“It's normal. He asked until he wasn't asking for much anymore. (Did he ask Amanda about the news?) Some questions were asked and I told him. My mother didn't cheer for me. My mother told me it was up to you.”

But mother has already prepared the gold? “

“I really made a lot of preparations. I'm just kidding. I don't know if I saved it to ask someone or not. But keep it for now.”

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