9 easy ways to reduce global warming, starting inside our homes.

Including ways to reduce global warming that everyone can help each other do. Start with simple things at home, just change your behavior in daily life. To save the world to be a livable place for future generations.

It can be said that the weather is getting hotter almost every year. It tends to get hotter and hotter, creating a great deal of trouble. Both health impacts and disasters are different, so let's help each other.Reducing global warmingStart with simple things that everyone can help with.

What does global warming mean?

It means global warming

Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the world. Because more heat is absorbed from the sun. But less is released. The main reason is human actions that increase the amount of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, resulting from the combustion of fuel. Methane gas resulting from the decomposition of organic and other wastes, which causes the weather to change and fluctuate more than normal, such as the El Niño phenomenon, which results in temperatures higher than usual and less rain than usual. On the other hand, if it is La Niña, it will bring more rain than normal and lower than normal temperatures.

How to reduce global warming

1. Separate the garbage before throwing it away.

Garbage sorting

There are 4 types of waste:

  • Organic waste

Organic waste is waste that can decompose or spoil in a short period of time, such as food scraps, vegetable and fruit scraps, grass, leaves, as well as biodegradable containers. We can use this kind of waste to make microbial fermentation liquid, compost, biological fertilizer, and use it to feed soil or feed trees.

  • General garbage

General waste is all waste other than biodegradable waste, recyclable materials and hazardous waste, such as Styrofoam, foil, plastic bags, food packaging, paint cans and CDs, which must be separated before disposal. In order to be disposed of properly

  • Recycled waste

Recyclable waste is waste that can be reused again, such as glass, paper, plastic, cans, boxes, boxes, metal, before disposing of it, it must be cleaned properly. This will make it easier to put it back in the system for recycling.

  • Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is waste that is contaminated or contains hazardous materials, such as light bulbs, light bulb batteries, and phone batteries. Spray can. Sprayers and containers for hazardous chemicals. This can be seen through warning symbols or labels usually affixed to labels, such as toxic substances, flammable substances, corrosive substances, etc. Separate hazardous waste from other types of waste. Then separate the types of hazardous waste again as well. Don't keep them mixed together. In addition, they should be placed in a sturdy, airtight container so that they do not leak.

2. Buy only what is necessary.

Buy as much as you need.

Did you know that fashion products emit approximately 8-10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, so you should reuse or repair fashion products and reduce the purchase of unnecessary fashion products. But if you really have to buy it, you should choose an eco-friendly brand. Including various daily use items Before shopping, try writing a checklist first. Then check back to see which items to purchase. Or do you just want that? The remaining parts can be transported or donated to people in need instead of throwing them away.

3. Help reduce food waste.

Reduce food waste

Food waste or leftovers produce methane gas. This is a greenhouse gas that heats the world 25 times more than carbon dioxide. We can reduce food waste by buying what we can eat. Eat food before it expires. Avoid plastic containers as they consume a lot of energy in production, recycling, separating waste and using food scraps as fertilizer. This is because rotting food absorbs and stores carbon dioxide well.

4. Resort to using LED lights.

Use LED lights

LEDs produce fewer greenhouse gases than other types of bulbs. It gives a lot of brightness but consumes little electricity, preserves eyesight, lasts 10 times longer, contains no UV rays, and emits low heat. Plus, it can help reduce global warming as well.

5. Unplug the power after each use.

Unplug after use

You should turn off the electrical power in your home if you are not using it, such as on a TV, stereo or computer, or use an extension cord with an automatic power cut-off device. To reduce energy use and reduce carbon dioxide

6. Plant trees to provide shade.

Plant trees to provide shade.

Trees can reduce global warming. A single tree can absorb up to 47% of the carbon dioxide that causes global warming, and also helps trap dust and pollutants in the air. It also returns oxygen to the atmosphere. It can help lower the temperature in the home by 2-4 degrees Celsius, for example

  • Mangrove tree It can help absorb 2.75 tons of carbon dioxide/ray/year.
  • Acacia Narong tree It can help absorb 3.48 tons of carbon dioxide/ray/year.
  • Teak tree It can help absorb 1.72 tons of carbon dioxide/ray/year.
  • Plants grown in the city It can help absorb 1.21 tons of carbon dioxide/ray/year.

7. Reduce the use of plastic bags.

Reducing the use of plastic bags

Because plastic bags cause pollution from the production process until destruction. It causes carbon dioxide to destroy the ozone layer. Therefore, if plastic bags are used more often the amount of greenhouse gases is even greater.

However, we can reduce the use of plastic bags and change to using cloth bags instead. Because it can be reused many times. It can hold weight better than plastic bags. It can also be designed to be fashionable and beautiful. It helps reduce contaminants in food Moreover, if a cloth bag is made from natural fibers like cotton, it can be biodegradable. There are no residues that pollute the environment either.

8. Use products with eco-friendly symbols.

Use products that carry an eco-friendly symbol.

The green symbol on the product indicates its ability to help the environment, such as being recyclable. Reusable helps save energy, etc., and also helps us dispose of garbage properly. Reducing environmental pollution problems There are many types of green symbols, such as

Fiber saving poster 5: It is a mark issued by the Ministry of Energy. It can be found on electrical appliances providing basic information about its efficiency in saving electricity. The more stars there are, the more energy they provide.

FSC : Abbreviation for the Forest Stewardship Council, a forest protection organization that encourages the replanting of trees in regenerating forests. The international symbol helps show that these products are involved in helping to plant trees to replace the wood used in producing and processing the products.

Green sticker : It demonstrates that the product has gone through a production, use and disposal process that has a lower environmental impact than similar, uncertified products. For example, green labeled sanitary ware will save more water than regular sanitary ware.

Carbon reduction poster : Or a carbon reduction label and will be placed on products with carbon emissions that are at least 10 percent lower than the general level.

Green industry sign : Or a green industry label will be affixed to products such as siding, plywood and insulation. And many decorative accessories to show that these products are environmentally friendly.

9. Transition to clean energy.

Solar cells

For example, switching to solar energy. By installing solar panels on the roof to generate electricity for the home. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it also helps reduce electricity bills. They also do not produce carbon dioxide, which is the cause of the greenhouse effect that causes global warming.

How are you doing with the ways to reduce global warming that we have presented? Let's start with ourselves first. Then invite your neighbors Colleagues and others believe that if every household cooperates, it will definitely help solve the global warming crisis.

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