Lifted out of the Premier League on April 15, Chelsea defeats Everton to continue their hopes of qualifying for the European Cup.

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An interesting points pick from the Premier League on 15 April, as Chelsea impressed in style, beating Everton 6-0, boosting their hopes of competing for a share of the European Cup.

soccer Premier League England on Monday 15 April 2024 has one pair competing. Chelsea Stamford Bridge opening to visit Everton

The result showed that it was the “Sing Blues” team that attacked almost alone. Before the crushing 6-0 victory, Cole Palmer scored 4 goals in this match alone in the 13th, 18th and 29th minutes and a penalty kick in the 64th minute, while the other two goals came from Nicholas Jackson in the 44th minute and Alfie Gilchrist in the 90th minute.

Even if I won by a landslide but in the match, there was almost a drama in the 64th minute when Chelsea got a penalty kick, but it turned out to be Noni Madueke and Nicholas Jackson who quarreled with each other to contest the last shot for Cole Palmer who seemed willing to let his friend catch some Photos You have to go back and shoot yourself as usual. It became the referee's fourth goal in this match. Ready to raise the record to 20 goals throughout the season. He rose to the top of the Premier League's top scorers. He scored as many goals as Manchester City's Erling Haaland, but Palmer had more assists.

Collected from Premier League 15 April. "Chelsea" Collapses "Everton" Continued hope of competing in the European Cup

After the game Mauricio Pochettino The Chelsea coach said about the incident: “It is unfortunate. It is a process for a young team that has a lot to learn.” I will discuss this with the players after the match. This will be the last time I see anything like this. “I want to apologize to the fans as well.”

“We need to make that clear next time. They need to learn and be professional. We need to focus on being a team.”

“They knew it was Cole (Palmer) who took the penalty. It's a clear example that we still have a lot to learn in the team building process.”

With this win, Chelsea raised its score to 47 points, and is still in ninth place, 3 points behind the top 6, before its confrontation with the “Blues” in the FA Cup on Saturday, April 20.

Summary of the latest Premier League results table

Collected from Premier League 15 April. "Chelsea" Collapses "Everton" Continued hope of competing in the European Cup


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