“Retrospect x IRONBOY” in the alternative version of “Live to Remember” surprises fans.

The trend is strong and never goes away. “Live to Remember” is the band's second single. Reclaiming the past That rock music pours their hearts out to listen to it so that it continues to climb the number of views. Recently, the character of the rapper has been clearly drawn. The first champion of “The Rapper” came to join the song with artists from “Def Jam Thai” such as “IRONBOY” or “Enan Sirisak Lekwattanaroj”. “Live to Remember” is an alternative version that combines Kao Jirayu's singing style that emphasizes soft singing with the song's beautiful melody. Reducing intensity adds features to the sound and Retrospect arrangement in a way that has never been done before. The band would like to surprise rock fans. By adjusting the tempo of the music to slow down to emphasize the clearly sad mood. Listen more comfortably for a clear separation from the original. And choose to add a new color to the song with an “IRONBOY” style rap line that adds to the story. The pain becomes deeper

With “IRONBOY” he reveals his first collaboration with the band Retrospect, which he has always followed. With the difficulty of writing this song, I had to challenge myself by composing rap parts to match Retrospect's music and I also had to convey content that related to the mood and tone of the band's original version as well, which “IRONBOY” did well in terms of ambience and atmosphere. The soundtrack will make “Live to Remember (Irreplaceable) Alternated Version” – Retrospect x IRONBOY another version that is sure to please fans.

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