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Nowadays, lip oils have become very popular in the cosmetic industry. There are many brands that launch colored and non-colored lip oil products, and everyone can use lip oil for nourishment. Or you can use it to add color to your lips as well.

Lip oil is a product designed to nourish and moisturize the lips. It often contains natural extract oils. The texture of the lip oil is light and non-sticky. In addition to using it for maintenance, it also helps the lips look shiny and beautiful.

1. Guerlain Kisses Be Glow Lip Oil (price 1,650 baht)

The brand's newest lip oil helps add moisture to lips all day long.

It contains three natural honeycomb ingredients and comes in 6 colors to choose from.

2.Charlotte Crystal Elixir Magic Lip Oil (price 1,500 baht)

Lip oil designed to restore lips to look soft and hydrated. Fatter than before

Light texture, colorless, comes in a squeeze tube. This makes his choice easy to use and easy to carry.

3.In2it Plumping Lip Oil (Price 239 baht)

Lip oil that makes lips look radiant.Marine collagen spheres

Helps with deep hydration. Makes your lips fuller from the first use.

4.Victoria's Secret Lip Glow Moisturizing Lip Oil (Price: 650 baht)

Lip oil in the form of a compressed tube, colorless, helps nourish the lips so that they become soft and supple.

It can be used to apply lipstick as a base before applying lipstick as desired without being sticky.

5. Lip filling with peppermint oil from Dolce & Gabbana (price 1,430 baht)

Lip oil that provides long-lasting moisture. It comes with a refreshing scent and touch.

From mint leaves, you can change the color of your lips according to the pH value of each person as well.

6. Dear Darling Oil Stain (price 329 baht)

Sheer, bright and glowing oil lip shades, long lasting on the lips.

7. Cathy Doll Fit Sea Lip Oil (199 baht)

Lip oil infused with Vitamin C helps restore dark and damaged lips. To look brighter

There are 3 soft shades to choose from.

picture : Courtesy of Brands

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