Liberals win elections ‘Argentina’ promises to reduce inflation and get rid of the peso in favor of the dollar.

Javier Mele wins presidential election in Argentina It’s time for politics to shift to the liberal side. He promised to solve the problem of inflation exceeding 100%, abandon the peso in favor of the dollar and abolish ineffective central banks.

Javier Miley of La Libertad party wins the Argentine presidential elections. He received approximately 56% of the votes, defeating his rival Sergio Massa, the Argentine Minister of Economy, who received only 44%.

Massa declared defeat this time. He showed his spirit by congratulating Millie on his victory.

Milley, who was called the Argentine president, pledges measures to revive Argentina’s collapsed economy, and the measures include closing the central bank and replacing the Argentine peso with the US dollar. Reducing spending in various areas

Argentina is facing the worst economic crisis in twenty years, with inflation rising to more than 100% and citizens suffering from the cost of living. Debt increases and the economy is at risk of recession after facing severe drought conditions.

The Argentine presidential race witnessed fierce competition in the three rounds. In the primaries or opinion polls last August, the presidential race in Argentina was witnessing fierce competition in the three rounds. Millie received first place votes. Later on October 22, Massa turned around and took the lead. But because Mr Massa did not receive the required 45% of the vote, the pair had to compete in the semi-finals on Sunday 19 November, resulting in Millie’s victory. He succeeded in rising to the position of President of Argentina

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