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End of the TrueVisions Junior Kart Battle – Toyota Junior Kart Championship, final field

The youth karting competition “TrueVisions-Toyota Junior Kart Championship” is organized in conjunction with Super Kart Thailand 2023. The final race ended on Sunday, November 19, 2023 at the Bera Kart Circuit Pattaya, Chonburi Province, in the Cadet B category. (Cadet B) This field is It is the field that determines the champions of all 16 youth, where Mr. Nopparat Sawangchai is doing an excellent job in this field. Thanks to confident leadership, he won the CADET B Championship, age group 8-9 years, 2nd place was Mr. Pakaphon Khrisresensuk, 3rd place was Mr. Wasavat Sokvulphon 4th place: Mr. Chayankun Vithep, 5th place: Mr. Pawin Warakitsupachuki, 6th place: Mr. Thathat Thanakornkul, 7th place: Mr. Trin Mikhasathiansakul

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CADET B, AGE GROUP 10-11 YEARS Mr. Wachirawit Chaiprasit with his aggressive driving style. Won the championship in this field, runner-up to Mr. Voadin Chaiyapin, third place to Mr. Kanabat. Terawong Vathharakul, 4th place Mr. Kritanan Jirayupa, 5th place Mr. Chaikorn Minakanit, 6th place Mr. Phobsatorn Silapapling, 5th place Mr. Rashat Rangsiswan, 8th place Mr. T. Mekasatian, 9th place Mr. Peradun Phonprasertphon. For the championship in 2023, it will be on January 13, 2024 at the Pera Pattaya Circuit.

For young people aged 8-11 years who want to participate in training in the project. You can follow various news via the 2W KARTING Facebook page or request more information about the project.

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