Memorable moment opens the sweet scene of Biden-Xi Jinping Q. Do you know the young man in the picture?

Memorable moment: “Biden” waits for “Xi Jinping” before attending a party in the US. Raise your phone to display the image. K. Do you know the young man in the picture?

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) — At the entrance to the banquet hall of Filoli House in South San Francisco. California, USA, “Joe Biden”, President of the United States Are you busy scrolling on your personal smartphone to find something?

Biden wrapped up a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping while waiting for the Chinese leader to attend a dinner he had prepared at Filoli Mansion. When Xi Jinping arrived, Biden took out his cell phone and asked the Chinese leader what was on the screen.

“Do you know this young man?” asked Biden.

“Of course, that was me 38 years ago,” replied Xi Jinping with a smile.

The image on Biden’s smartphone screen was of Xi Jinping in 1985 when he first visited the United States.

The first stop on the trip to America was San Francisco. He also took a photo with Xi Jinping’s first and Golden Gate Bridge. Xi Jinping was thirty years old at the time. He was the prefect of Zhengding. Hebei Province, North China

“You don’t look like you’ve changed!” Biden joked. Brings smiles and laughter from those around you

Amidst this happy atmosphere, the two leaders entered the banquet hall together.

In addition, Xi Jinping visited San Francisco in the United States. To participate in the China-US Summit between 14-17 November. and the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

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