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Panku Mitti – Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. Responding to the Ministry of Finance’s policy to accelerate the establishment of the ThaiESG fund, it is preparing to offer it for sale in early December 2023.

Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd., led by Ms Thidasiri Srisamy, Deputy Managing Director, has agreed to adopt the policy of Kasikorn Asset Management as the Ministry of Finance prepares to launch a new tax-exempt fund, ThaiESG, to support long-term savings in line with ESG principles, the Department of Investment Management said.

Staying on top of ESG matters

There are also funds K-SUSTAIN-UI, K-PLANET and KTHAICGRMF are the first funds recognized in the industry. The SEC has designated it as a Sustainable Mutual Fund (SRI Fund) with an ESG integration investment strategy, including the first asset management company in Thailand to be a PRI signatory from 2021.

The ThaiESG fund opened for sale in early December.

However, Kasikorn Asset Management is fully prepared to establish the ThaiESG Fund with the aim of providing maximum benefits to investors. and creating stability for the capital market as a whole in the long term. It is expected to go on sale in early December 2023. Cashicorn starts at just 500 baht through all Bank channels and sales support representatives

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