Kansas citizens support abortion rights guarantee

Kansas voters voted Tuesday to uphold a constitutional abortion guarantee. Voters in this conservative state rejected an amendment to the state constitution that would have removed language guaranteeing the right to abortion, paving the way for a stricter restriction or ban.

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The election was seen as a political test nationally, with many conservative states already banning or looking to quickly ban any right to abortion.

“Right to Choose”

At age 19, Morgan Spoor voted for the first time and vowed to promote “the right to choose.” “I really want my voice to be heard, especially as a woman. I don’t think anyone can say what a woman can do with her body,” she said.

Conversely, Sylvia Brantley, 60, said ‘yes’ to the change because she thinks ‘children are important too’. He said he wants more regulations so Kansas isn’t a place where “children are killed.”

22 weeks

While “No” supporters won a clear victory in Kansas, they are watching with concern in neighboring states Missouri and Oklahoma, which have passed total bans. Missouri does not allow exemptions for rape or sex.

Other states, including California and Kentucky, are set to vote on the issue in November, coinciding with midterm congressional elections where both Republicans and Democrats hope to rally their supporters against abortion.

The Kansas decision means abortion is legal up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Minors require parental consent.

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