The 5 Most Popular Sports in Canada 2022

Numerous sporting events are valued by Canadians not only for their amusement but also for their ability to promote national cohesion. The large range of sporting events provides ideal chances for Canadians to showcase their abilities and compete favorably with the world on the international stages.

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The Most Predominant Sports in Canada

Listed below, in no order, are the 5 most popular sports in Canada that you can spend your time and money on.

  • Lacrosse
  • Cricket
  • Canadian Football
  • Baseball
  • Wrestling

1. Lacrosse

Sport-wise, lacrosse is unusual. There are 20 players, with 10 on each side, playing on an outdoor field. Each player is equipped with a long stick with a basket. They dribble, pass and score goals using this stick and net.

Canada’s official summer sport is lacrosse because of how widely it is played in the country. One of the largest lacrosse leagues on the planet is the Canadian Lacrosse League.

Lacrosse is also the second-most popular sport in Canada. Players pass the ball to one another, grab it in the netting at the tip of the stick, and then aim it at the goal of the opponent’s side.

2. Cricket

A bat and ball team sport called cricket comprises two teams of eleven players apiece. Cricket is one of the top five games in the world in terms of popularity. And over 2 billion people around the world are lovers of cricket. It is widely played in various nations in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Even if the Canadian national cricket team hasn’t made any legendary breakthroughs, cricket is still one of the most well-liked sports in the nation. The country’s large Asian population may contribute to the sport’s appeal.

3. Canadian Football

Perhaps the biggest sporting event in North America is the Super Bowl. The Grey Cup, however, has existed for a lot longer in the CFL. To put things in perspective, the Grey Cup has been given out 108 times since it was first presented in 1909. The Super Bowl has been played 56 times, in contrast.

Given this, Canadian Football and American Football are quite similar. However, there are 12 players. The size of CFL stadiums is much larger, with three turnovers and two timeouts per game. The Canadian Football League, which has nine teams and runs from the summer through the end of November, is similarly more compact.

Despite this, many people watch the NFL, especially football enthusiasts who have nothing else to stream just before the NFL starts. Can you place a wager on Football in Canada? Yes, last year, Canada approved single-event wagering. You can enjoy this game and as well make some money.

4. Baseball

Baseball is among the most mainstream games in the USA and Canada, ranking third in both countries. There are two teams of nine players each, and it is a bat-and-ball game. The game of baseball was invented in the 18th century. The region of the game is North America, where it is primarily played.

Since its inception, baseball has been enjoyed in Canada, where it ranks among the most popular sports. Labatt Park in Ontario, the oldest baseball stadium in the globe, is still in use and the Toronto Blue Jays are the only Major League team in the nation.

Several independent league teams in Canada compete in the Can-Am League and the American Association. Baseball Canada, an organization, established in Ottawa, oversees baseball in Canada.

5. Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most popular entertainment sports in Canada. The nineteenth century saw the beginning of the sport, and it is played in many divisions and formats throughout the world. The most well-known professional wrestling organization is WWE.

Wrestling has greater popularity in North America, and many well-known WWE stars are from Mexico and Canada. The earliest recognized professional wrestling organization in Canada, Maple Leaf Wrestling, opened its doors in 1930 and is credited with starting professional wrestling nationwide.

Final Notes

Canada is one of the best destinations to visit or reside in, thanks to its beautiful environment, robust economy, low crime rate, and proximity to the US.

The country is well renowned for being a sports-loving nation. For two main reasons — preventing obesity and, most crucially, adjusting to the cold — Canadians enjoy engaging in some form of physical activity.

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