Kamikaze Party filled with over 80 songs “KAMIKAZE PARTY REUNION 2023” is so much fun!

Worthy of the reunion phenomenon, fun, adding joy to the hearts of fans. #Growing up with Cami The ceremony opened the new semester at Amphon Food and Motorcycles. Honda Presents “2023 Kamikaze Party Reunion” Which comes back fully loaded with every generation of mom, dad, and kami gang. “FOUR / K-OTIC / FAYE FANG KAEW / 3.2.1 / WAII / KNOMJEAN / KISS ME FIVE / XIS / TIMETHAI / MIN / THIRD / MARC And Thank you” A total of 29 lives have come together to bring the fun, dancing together on each set’s playlist to unleash the fun together of over 80 hit songs we miss. With a new kind of theatre, closer than ever. A surprise show was added with more intense lighting and sound techniques, satisfying the hearts of the Kami people who came to cheer at the IMPACT ARENA Hall, Muang Thong Thani, last Saturday, October 21.

Just the opening scene of the Kamikaze artist and the theme song. “Love, I Call You” and “Kamikaze Wave” start the fun off with a loud scream. Then came the new school band THANK YOU, a young but adorable girl, to kick off the songs “Thank You for Your Love” and “Love You More (Love You More)” before the young “THIRD” jam came in on “Continue (Continue) “And young Mark came out singing “Beyond the Call of Duty (Can I)” and “Let’s Be Manly (Now or Never)” alternating with “I’m Warned,” “You. (Love Warning)” and “Let’s Use the Word Love (Word) Just One)” before they were featured together on “Secret Love (Hidden Love)” and “Sexy (Reminder)”.

Coming to the adorable pop girl group “FAYE FANG KAEW” who got into a luxury convertible and stepped out to perform a hit song that had fans singing along almost in time with “Help Me Please, Loveaholic, Not Jealous (Jealous),” Don’t Give Up Hope Loves a lie, you want to forget that I’m your friend (empty), even when I have the right to hurt (in the end), I’m still your flower… or not (flower), question (my question) I love you I Luv U” and “ “Your Girl” has two special editions because the young man “THIRD” is joining the feature.

The screaming continues with the gang of handsome young men, outstanding students, and outstanding athletes, starting with the talented doctor “Min” who performed the song “Contact,” “After Love,” “New Friends Are Not Close” and “Friends Who” and “Don’t Love” (Just a Friend) )’ Then came the gorgeous man in the song ‘TIMETHAI’. ‘Is there anything else I forgot to tell you (top secret)… Is it over (the end), Fan Pan Beach (spy)’ before inviting the handsome young man ‘Kang’ to perform This feat. And the song “Love Ain’t No More Than This (No More)” with the song “MIN”

Stop by the dance club where beautiful dancing girls like “KISS ME FIVE” come to liven up the hall with the songs “Kid Before Throwing (One Last Chance), Morning Kiss and Ab (Ab)” first. You will be amazed by 6 handsome guys who are passionate about dancing, “XIS” will show their steps with the songs “REVERSE, Not Broken Heart (Deception), Rumors (Bad News)” and then 4 girls “KISS ME FIVE” will continue with the song “Sensitive”. Before their feat together in the song “Honey, I Hate You” made Kami’s fans unable to dance with them.

Let’s move on to the group of powerful student panelists like “K-OTIC” who come to perform hit songs that everyone misses like “FREE TO PLAY, New Girlfriend, For Tomorrow (One Wish), Just You Wondering, Can’t You”. Do you love me?” I love you, without you I don’t want to breathe. (Choke), in the process of improving” and “Lone Pak”, a special version featuring 6 young men from “XIS” coming together as a feat, until screams were heard in the hall again.

Passing the stage to the student council president “FOUR” who came to show off her mother in the song “LOVE LOVE” before inviting the girls in the class to perform in line with “KAEW, WAII, POPPY 3.2.1., FAYE, KNOMJEAN, FANG” in the hit songs “Breaking” Like you, Love Villa, a quiet man, hurting because he is lonely because of you, who leaves someone first, will we change?” Plus a final solo performance with “Love Has Been Already Loved.”

Coming to the naughty big sister in school “WAII”, we would like to show our fierce strength in “What Da Heck” and “Let’s Catch You” which returns to the feat again with “POPPY K-OTIC”. Before launching the diverse collection. “Ask the wrong answer, I’m sorry but I don’t care (whatever it is), I don’t love you, I don’t love you anymore, why do you love me (why?)” and “Be away for a while (break) to get the guy “TOMO K-OTIC” come And join the most exciting dance show.

As for the big girl with a good voice, “KNOMJEAN” let out her strongest voice, “Harm has no voice (silence), kind-hearted, lonely, spoiled, indulged, is there a risk (risk), don’t tell him we were together (hidden), between Friends and lovers, we’re good at showing off” and ends with the “Love Three We (Trilogy)” version of “KNOMJEAN, WAII, GAVIN” complete with all three people

As for the gang of rowdy kids in the back room like 3.2.1, they don’t give up, sending out fun dance hits with “Dirty Party, Just Darling My Boo, Do You Have Him (White Flag), Do You.” Get More (Want More) Shawty) also invited 3 girls “FAYE FANG KAEW” to perform in the sweet song “Me Too” followed by a song that will make everyone sway in the song “Shake it ah” feat. “K-OTIC”

Coming to the final lesson where the kamikaze artist came to deliver a well meaning song in “Love Song” followed by fun and fast paced songs “MSN (^_^), If You Really (Incredible), Don’t (Stop It)), Baby , LUV World Situation, Problem Child, Flirting, Getting a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Love You, Melting Up, Having an Affair on the Line (Hidden Line), Love Must Be Open (Narrow Chest) [Splash Out]“Love each other, do not force (the dictator)” along with walking to greet Kami’s supporters around the hall in the most intimate way ever. Then invite everyone to get up and sing the last song. “Friends…I Love You” is a fun way to end this school year party. And all the teenagers who grew up with Kami admired him

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