Joe Nattawut joins in congratulating Tawanchai PK.Saenchai on the win and is happy with the fan feedback which has been better than expected.

Joe Ntawt“Join us in congratulating the winners”Tawanchai BK Sinchai“He’s willing to admit that he’s very happy because fans like his fighting style so much.

It has become a trend that sports fans talk about a lot for.”Joe Ntawt“A 34-year-old boxer from Nakhon Ratchasima Province exploded in a Ledara fight.” Tawanchai BK Sinchai 1 World Muay Thai Champion, Featherweight (145-155 lbs) under Kickboxing rules. She had the most fun throughout the three rounds before finally losing by unanimous decision in the fight. One fight night 15 On Saturday, October 7th

Watch the clip of the ONE Fight Night 15 match on October 7, 2023, Tawanchai PK Saenchai vs. Joe Nattawut.

Although this battle is considered the first time in a year and two months that “Joe Ntawt“He should be back in the ring. But he was able to do an excellent job. It made him feel very good about his fighting form. Although he was confident that he was good enough to win but when the decision came down to it,”Tawanchai BK Sinchai“Won unanimously”Joe NtawtI would like to congratulate this young boxer from my heart.

“If this fight was rated out of 10, I would give myself a 20. I’m very satisfied with my performance. I came away with a lot of better weapons than I thought I would. As for standing and waiting to hear the decision I was reasonably confident that I would win. Although the decision The final was that I would lose but I respect the judge’s decision. Because the panelists may have a more detailed view than us. The judges sit very close to the stage and may be able to see from an angle that the general audience cannot see. I would like to congratulate Nong Tawanchai as well. “


the “Joe Ntawt“Able to stand against world boxing champions like”Tawanchai BK SinchaiIt was fun and close throughout the three rounds. Engage combat sports fans, both Thais and foreigners. They expressed their admiration for the handwriting.”Joe Ntawt“Overwhelmingly”Joe Ntawt“I admit that I am very happy that I was able to make everyone have as much fun as possible in this competition.

“I’m so happy that everyone loves my fighting style so much. Even though I only had time to train for less than a week. Traveling to Thailand for this fight is on my mind, I just thought of making sure everyone can enjoy the competition. We have to make “Everyone is like our partner. I am very grateful to everyone for liking my fighting style. See you again next time. I will definitely reach my limits.”


Present “Joe Ntawt“I would like to use my free time to go back and relax in my hometown, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, before I return to the United States next week. The 34-year-old is ready to express his confidence in his physical condition and that he is still strong enough to reach the top in the final stage of his career.

“Now I go back to rest at my home in Korat. I will return to America on Wednesday, October 18, and when I return, I will obtain American citizenship first, then I will work, practice boxing, have an interesting life, and play on the ice as well. As for future plans, I have not planned much. But At least coming to fight this time made me see that my body is still able to keep going. Still able to reach the highest point in the next fight, I want to do better.


Next time, fight One Fight Night 16 The main pairing of the show will be the opening champion versus champion battle between “Jonathan Haggerty“Meets Muay Thai World Bantamweight Champion (135-145 lbs)”Fabrizio Andrade“One mixed martial arts (MMA) world champion in the same division, with a world bantamweight kickboxing championship belt. Space is at stake. Live broadcast from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) during prime time in America. Which falls at 7:00 AM on Saturday, November 4th.

Sports fans can book tickets to the stadium via THAI TICKET MAJOR and follow news updates from this fight on the ONE Championship Thailand Facebook page, website and ONEChampTh Instagram.

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