Samsung angers Apple by launching 'Uncrush' parody ad, emphasizing its stance of 'never destroying creativity'

After Apple caused many people's dissatisfaction. Because of the “Crush” ad that came out last week. It is seen as a message that technology is a force that destroys human creativity. From crushing musical instruments, arcade games, and sculptures. With a mill and to show the thinness of the new iPad Pro model, Apple was eventually forced to issue a statement of apology.

More recently, Samsung reinforced Apple's new wounds by launching an “Uncrush” ad on Samsung Mobile US's X account that shows a woman stepping over debris and spilled paint. It's like the mill scene from the Apple commercial, and then the humming and strumming of the guitar. Featuring music tracks from the Galaxy Tab S9 and the power of Galaxy AI.

Additionally, the caption posted with the ad clip says “We never destroy creativity.“Together with the Uncrush hashtag, it created a buzz on the internet.

However, some netizens disagree and believe that Samsung is not creative either. He likes to imitate or bite Apple all the time, and this is not the first time Samsung has done this because in the past Samsung's marketing department was often skilled at appeasing or mocking Apple. So much so that Samsung's lawyer said: “It's driving Apple crazy.”

Origin the edge, X

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