An Israeli tank misses and shoots 5 friendly soldiers dead: PPTVHD36

An Israeli tank accidentally shot a fellow Israeli soldier. While 5 people were killed and 7 others were injured, the IDF quickly investigated the cause.

Israeli media reported that on May 15, five Israeli soldiers were killed in Jabalia. The northern Gaza Strip was not caused by clashes with Hamas fighters, but was accidentally shot at by “Israeli tanks” or their tanks.

The Israeli army said that the five soldiers killed were all from the 202nd Parachute Battalion, and this was one of the costliest incidents since the war between Israel and Hamas began in October 2023.

The Israeli army is reportedly investigating why soldiers were fired upon by friendly tanks.

However, preliminary investigations found this and the group seized a building in Jabalia refugee camp. He was dozens of meters away from Israeli tanks stationed in the area. Then the tank decided to do so and there was a weapon in the building, so it fired two bullets at it.

In addition to the five killed, seven soldiers were injured. Among them, 3 are in serious condition.

Israeli military forces returned to Jabalia this week after withdrawing earlier. She added that Hamas has reorganized its ranks there.

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled Jabalia since May 11, when the Israeli army launched air strikes. Ground forces were sent back to Jabalia again on May 13.

Battles in Jabalia and Rafah in the south, and about half of the civilians in Gaza have fled. It has worsened in the past few days. Within the strategy of attacking both the north and the south.

The United Nations says that the recent clashes forced about 600,000 Palestinians to flee Rafah and 100,000 others to be displaced in the north.

Compiled from BBC

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