22 fighters cross the scales ready to battle it out on stage at ONE Lumpini 63.

Yudubova vs. Saunier

battle One Lumpinee 63 Back to providing exciting entertainment for martial arts fans every week with live broadcasts in over 190 countries around the world. From Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) on Friday, May 17, starting with the first match at 7:30 pm.

Recently, there was a change in the program from 12 pairs to 11 pairs due to Suleiman Suleimanov who will be fighting under MMA bantamweight rules. The weight limit was 135-145 lbs, exceeding the weight limit by 9 lbs, while the competitor “Kazakh Tailinov” had to weigh 145 lbs according to ONE regulations to fight and whoever weighed more than 5% of the competitor would not be able to pay compensation and fight. Therefore, this pair must be removed.

Watch the clip of ONE Lumpini from February 2, 2024, Yodphupha Wiman Air vs. Khom Awut FA group.

Yudubova vs. Saunier

The main couple leads the show.”Yud Vova Wiman Er“A hard-hitting 20-year-old fighter from Chaiyaphum, determined to get back to good form against.”Zoner ZenA ferocious 27-year-old left-handed boxer from Turkey hopes to impose a 4-fight defeat on the local boxer. They will fight according to the rules of Muay Thai. Bantamweight (135 – 145 lbs)


Rack v. Nicholas

In the international major pair”Rak irawan“Muay Thai moves are a treat for the heart. The 22 year old from Pattani is ready to showcase the most exciting fight for the fans to watch once again. Meet”Nicholas Lett Silva“A dynamic 20-year-old fighter from Brazil who hopes to make a name for himself.”Nicholas“Unable to reach the specified weight limit (catch weight) of 116 pounds that was originally agreed upon. He therefore agrees to pay compensation to”See you“They agreed to fight at a new weight of 117.4 pounds.

For athletes who will fight in battle One Lumpini Everyone must pass a hydration test, weight and health screening. According to the specified standards, taking into account the health and safety of athletes is the first priority. If the water level is not weighed and measured, there will be negotiations to agree on compensation for the weight. So the competition continues

With a total of 22 athletes in the fray One Lumpinee 63 Passed the standards for weighing and measuring body water levels. He will fight within the weight range as agreed upon below.


Program for every match in ONE Lumpini 63

– Main match: Yudvova Wiman Er, 145 lbs. vs. Soner Zayn, 145 lbs (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs).
-Secondary pair: Sanphet Sor weighed 129.2 lbs vs. Nyeong Ubon Wan from Om MBK 129.4 lbs (Muay Thai, catch weight 130 lbs).
-Sakaengam Jitmuangnon weighed 112.2 pounds versus Chatphichit Sor. Toi Paet Riu weighed 112.6 lbs (Muay Thai, catch weight 113 lbs).
– Pansak W. Wanthawi weighed 126.4 lbs versus Phonsanae Sor.Phumiphat's 126.8 lbs (Muay Thai, catch weight 127 lbs).
– Patak Aek Sinbee Muay Thai weighed 127.8 lbs versus Tuangsap Sor Salacheep's 127.8 lbs (Muay Thai weight 128 lbs).
– Chatbayak Sak Sutton weighed 126 pounds against Mowgli Chor. Aglabon weighed 125.6 lbs (Muay Thai, catch weight 126 lbs).
– Rak Erawan weighed 115.6 lbs versus Nicholas Leite Silva's 117.4 lbs (Muay Thai weight 117.4 lbs).
– Suleiman Luxwan weighed 134.2 lbs versus Tomoki Sato’s weight of 134.4 lbs (Muay Thai flyweight 125-135 lbs).
– Silvio Vitez weighed 132.8 lbs versus Kimura Ayumu's 134 lbs (Muay Thai flyweight 125-135 lbs).
– Gregor Tom weighed 135.4 lbs versus Taku Kondo's 135.4 lbs (Muay Thai, catch weight 136 lbs).
– David Cook weighed 155 lbs vs. Kohei Takigami weighed 154.4 lbs (MMA featherweight 145-155 lbs).

Thai sports fans can book tickets to the stadium via THAI TICKET MAJOR and follow the live broadcast via THAI TICKET MAJOR. Watch.ONEFC.com (some countries), Facebook & YouTube ONE (some countries) First match starts at 7:30pm Watch live on Channel 7HD, press 35 (Thai) starting at 8:30pm .

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