Anatomy of the specifications of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the largest attack aircraft carrier in the world.

before Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense Ordered on October 9th. Have the aircraft carrier fleet head towards the Mediterranean. Along with nearly 5,000 air crew and combat aircraft, ready to assist Israel.

USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike

It is the newest and most modern aircraft carrier of the US Navy. Together with attack ships

  • The guided missile cruiser USS Normandy
  • Destroyer USS Thomas Hudner
  • The guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage
  • Destroyer USS Carney
  • Destroyer USS Roosevelt

The capabilities of these ships range from anti-ship capabilities. Anti-aircraft and firepower targets ground targets for electronic warfare and surveillance

The USS Ramage is believed to have cost more than $1 billion. Launched in 1994, it contains launchers for anti-ship missiles, harpoons, cruise missiles and torpedoes.

The USS Thomas Hudner, built under a $663 million contract and launched in 2017, carries weapons, missiles and torpedoes.

In addition, US fighter squadrons and regional fighter aircraft squadrons F-35, F-15, F-16 and A-10 will also be sent to the region. The F-35 fighter jet launched from the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford reached a speed of 1,200 miles per hour. It can carry weapons, missiles and bombs, has a range of about 1,200 miles and costs about $100 million per ship. In total, about 7,500 personnel serve in the carrier strike group.

Ford’s carrier strike group recently arrived in the eastern Mediterranean. It is within the scope of providing air support or long-range attack options to Israel. If requested but it also increased the US military presence. To prevent a long-term war

The USS Gerald R. Ford cost about $18 billion to develop, including $4.7 billion for research and development and $12.8 billion for construction. It can carry up to 90 aircraft, including the most advanced military fighter aircraft.

Firepower is primarily focused on defense. The aircraft carrier operates with two nuclear engines, and can operate for 25 years without refueling. He accompanied the fleet in the Mediterranean

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford is widely considered the most technologically advanced aircraft carrier in the United States. It is the largest ship in the world. It is approximately 1,092 feet (333 m) long, 256 feet (78 m) wide on the flight deck and 250 feet (76 m) high. It was first commissioned in October 2022 and has a crew of about 4,500.

The ship is close to the area surrounding Israel after recently operating near the Strait of Sicily. He is scheduled to visit the French ports of Marseille and Toulon. Before the aircraft carrier strike group moved to the Mediterranean.

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