Notification of return requests by Thais in Israel has increased to 5,174. The Ministry of Labor is offering an initial compensation of 15,000 baht per person.

Buakaew reveals that Thais have requested to return to the country, which has increased to 5,174, explaining plans to take care of the first group of returning Thais. The Ministry of Labor has given initial compensation to 15 Thai people in the first lot, 15,000 baht each.

11 October 2023 – 3:00 PM at Ministry of External Affairs, Director General of Information Department Ms. Kanjana Bhattarasok and Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs, Deputy Director General of Department of Diplomatic Affairs Mr. Naruchai Ninnath and Inspector General of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Samas Pattamasukond. Together they held a press conference on the progress in helping the Thai people in Israel.

Ms. Kanchana, Deputy Minister of External Affairs Mr. Emergency Coordination Center chaired the meeting. Today at 1:00 pm the relevant agencies and Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Israel Ms. Fannaba Chandrarom. Report the latest situation to the meeting. The number of Thai people who have registered to return to Thailand has recently increased to 5,174, while those who have not yet requested to return to the country have increased to 64. Regarding the Thai immigration from Israel, the first group of 15 people who will return to Thailand on October 12 will include people using passports. and Important Identification Documents (CI) issued by the Thai Embassy and out of these 15, there were 2 who wanted to request a wheelchair. Additionally, a second group of Thai nationals will travel on an Air Force Airbus aircraft. It will depart from Israel on October 15 and arrive in Thailand at 4:00 am on October 16. The flight can only carry a maximum of 140 people, but 120 Thais can return because there will be officials to attend a special event. Activities.

In addition, the next flight will bring 80 Thais from Israel, Ms. Kanchana said. Israel Airlines flight LY 083 on October 18 and will return to Suvarnabhumi Airport on October 19 at 11:00 AM, we are also preparing to bring in military aircraft. A Thai flight will also take place from Israel on October 24, but the embassy is in talks with those involved in trying to get as many Thais as possible to travel on commercial flights. The Emergency Situation Coordination Center will hold a regular meeting on October 12 and a press conference on the same day at 3:00 p.m. For Thais who have migrated across the border from Israel to nearby countries, the Thai Embassy in Jordan and Egypt is ready to provide food and drinking water assistance to all Thais.

In the case of 15 Thai nationals arriving in Thailand on October 12, representatives of the government and various institutions, the Deputy Director General of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs, Mr. Various facilities are available and waiting to be provided. By trying to do the steps as quickly as possible. No ceremony. There will be space for interviews and press conferences with journalists. Ready to give you a chance to talk to Thai people in a very short time. The group from Thailand will then be picked up by a bus prepared by the Ministry of Transport. Travel to Bamrasnaradura Institute of Infectious Diseases Department of Disease Control Health Ministry will conduct health check-up Meanwhile, Ministry of Labor will handle workers’ compensation. Relatives of Thai workers can go and wait to receive them. And after various steps are completed the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security will help bring these Thai people to their homeland.

The Deputy Director General of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs added that the Ministry’s first team of officials, a total of 4 people, will visit Israel on Saturday evening, October 14. The Thai Embassy is in the process of repatriating Thai people.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Samas Pattamasukonde, said that the Ministry of Labor operates a fund to recruit people for work abroad. We have examined the cases of these 15 Thai people, all members of the fund. These Thai workers have different hometowns and come from Tak province: 1 person, Surin 1 person, Nong Pua Lambu 4 people, Nan 1 person, Phayao 1 person, Nakhon Ratchasima 1 person, Chiang Rai 1 person, Yasothan 1 person, Nong Khai 1 person, Udon Thani 1 person, Sakon Nakhon 1 person and Ubon Ratchathani 1 person. First, when you return, the fund will pay 15,000 baht to provide assistance. The entire amount will be ready to be paid to the workers of Bamrasnarathura Institute of Infectious Diseases. In case of injured or disabled persons the Ministry of Labor will consider whether to accept the request and pay another 15,000 baht or not, accompanied by a medical certificate. Now they have relatives waiting to meet them at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Ministry of Labor has arranged a car for you. We will use this opportunity to take the workers and their relatives to their hometowns.

When asked about the case of Thai migrant workers from high-risk areas, who complained that he had not been paid yet, Mr. Samasa said he would allow the labor ambassador in Israel to take action. But I assure you that the Ministry of Labor will not allow this matter. Thai workers can rest assured that they will be paid if they go to work. He himself confirmed that he would help all Thai people. Two workers entered legally and some workers were illegal

Reporters said that the list of people returning to Thailand on Israeli flight LY083 on October 11: 1. Mr. Somma Saja 2. Mr. Jirayu Suksai 3. Mr. Wiman Wongsamba 4. Mr. Krachakorn Buddhasorn 5. Mr. Anucha Punyasarn 6. Mr. Kittipong Saigo 7. Mr. Chomboon Sawang 8. Mr. Chandi Salee 9. Mr. Subipat Kongev 10. Mr. Somborne Caput 11 . Mr. Dhanasak Chandam 12. Mr. Satith Bromanrat 13. Mr. Chrysoorn Bu. Mr. Naronchai Leelakornjan and 15. Mr. Vichai Kamshree

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