It includes 7 types of mushrooms, which are easy to find, can be eaten daily, reduce disease, and help promote health.

6. Mushroom base

Mushrooms, their benefits, what foods can you cook with mushrooms?It is a mushroom that can be eaten during the rainy season. The mushroom is characterized by its relatively large fungal size. The meat is tender, sweet and easy to eat. Plus the scent is very unique. The delicious menu item that we would like to recommend is Mushroom Curry. It is delicious and easy to make. It uses only a few ingredients and spices. Mushrooms are fungi that have many health benefits. Both help nourish the body to be strong. Stimulates blood circulation promoting the stomach to work better

7. Fungi

Another mushroom with a unique flavour. The mushroom flesh is crisp and translucent, resembling a thin slice of jelly. They are cooked by frying or boiling, and will have a crunchy texture that is very pleasant to eat. Wood ear mushrooms are another type of mushroom that is easy to purchase. It is also a mushroom that has all the benefits. Both help in maintaining body strength. Nourishing the blood and heart. It strengthens the heart and sends blood to various parts of the body. Of the body is normal blood pressure level is at a good level. In addition, mushrooms are also a source of dietary fiber (fiber), which helps excretion. It helps reduce constipation and flatulence, and the dietary fiber found in wood ear mushrooms helps slow the rate of absorption of sugar and fats in the intestinal area.

List of mushrooms, curry mushrooms, benefits of mushroomsIs there anyone who likes to eat mushrooms?  Mushrooms are considered a natural food that has many benefits for the body.  It is also a healthy food because it is low in calories.  It contains almost 0 fat and can be eaten by all genders and ages.  In addition, each type of mushroom has different benefits.  Today we would like to collect 7 types of mushrooms that are easy to find and have many benefits for you.  What types of mushrooms are there? Let's take a look together 1. Golden needle mushroom.  Mushrooms that originate from cold regions such as Japan and China.  It is characterized by its distinctive crunchy texture, which makes many people eat it.  People like to eat golden needle mushroom regularly.  Golden needle mushrooms are full of dietary fiber that helps clean and remove waste from the large intestine.  It helps stimulate secretion. It is full of essential amino acids for the body, which helps stimulate a strong immune system so you don't get sick as often. It also helps nourish your eyes and keep your vision clear.2.  Shimeji Mushroom: See thick, white, clean flesh.  It is different from the slim figure that is so popular now.  In public restaurants, many types of sukiyaki are available to order, especially in shabu shops.  There are a lot of shovels to choose from.  Shimeji mushrooms contain beta-glucan, which stimulates the white blood cell system.  It maintains the body's strength and helps resist cancer cells.  It is high in dietary fiber, which helps keep the stomach full for a long time and aids in bowel movement 3. Straw mushroom is a popular mushroom in all types of tom yum menus because straw mushroom has a dense texture.  The head is a medium-sized bush when boiled in hot water for a long time.  It won't change its condition. It doesn't collapse or become messy first.  Straw mushrooms are another mushroom that has many health benefits.  Straw mushrooms are a source of vitamin C, which helps stimulate the body's immune system.  Reducing symptoms of bleeding gums Preventing gum disease In addition, straw mushrooms are a source of dietary fiber, which helps stimulate bowel movement.  It also contains selenium, which helps reduce the chance of cancer cells forming in the body. 4. Angel mushrooms are a popular mushroom that is very easy to eat, economical in price, soft in texture, and can be used in many dishes.  One menu we make often is sautéed oyster mushrooms in oyster sauce.  Throw in some ground pork and it's absolutely delicious.  Or use it to prepare tom yum, as it absorbs curry well.  Mushrooms have many uses.  It is also full of many types of antioxidants.  It helps slow inflammation and fight cancer cells.  The important thing is that oyster mushrooms are high in vitamin C.  It helps the body to be strong.  Reducing the chance of developing a fever.This list of edible mushrooms is good to eat every day and never get bored. We love buying curry mushrooms to eat regularly because of their delicious taste. Eat and help your stomach. It fills up quickly, ideal for weight management. In addition, mushrooms are a safe menu item for people of all ages at home. Whether the little children eat mushrooms with the same appetite as snacks. Whether it is the fried mushroom menu, crispy baked mushrooms, or butter roasted mushrooms that the kids at home (including us) really love to eat, middle-aged adults can take care of their health by eating low-fat mushroom menus. You can make less sugar, such as kaengliang, mixed mushroom salad, mushroom curry, etc. This curry contains other spices. There are many included. Eating it makes your body warm, your stomach comfortable, and nourishes your body with vitamins and minerals. Eating mushrooms regularly helps promote good health. It is also an easy-to-eat condition. Easy to digest and comfortable on the stomach. It helps stimulate secretion very well. What should I eat this evening? If you can’t think of any list, you can tell me the list of all mushrooms. You can be sure that it will be delicious and full of benefits.

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