ONE Lumpini: ET Teedet 99 is happy to be back in good shape and is using every baht of the bonus money to build a house for his mother.

ET Date 99“Show sharp elbow.”Mongkolkayo S. Somai“She failed to complete the round in ONE Lumpini Battle 39, and received a huge reward to build a new house for her mother according to her dreams.

“floating knee” ET Date 99 Muay Sai Lui Songdee, 29, from Roi Et, regained his good form and took victory points again at ONE Lumpini Battle 39 on November 3. By arranging a full elbow to the chin.Mongkolkayo S. Somai“Perfect right boxer same age as Maha Sarkham fell in the third round willing to take a reward of 350,000 baht to put in your pocket and use it to build a new house for your mother as you had hoped.

Watch ONE Lumpini clip November 3, 2023 Pair ET Teedet 99 vs Mongkolkaew S. Sommai.

ET vs Mongkulkaew

previously “ET Date 99“He stumbled and lost the majority of votes to Kong Thanoen S. Sommai in the ONE Lumpini 16 fight. Returning for the third round, his determination was doubled. In the end, it worked out well as planned.”Mongkolkayo S. Somai“You can have as much as your heart’s content.

“Before this fight, my coach and I planned the fight very well. Be the first to go out armed and try not to be too defensive. The moment he fired his great weapon, I got him flying in the second round. I was hesitant about whether to use it or not, so He came out with a mid-tempo beat that wasn’t fully realized. In the final moments of the match, I saw Mongkolkayo come in and hit a left hook. I decided to use my left elbow and counter into the headlock.


ET wants to use every baht to build a new house for his mother.

With the power of the heart that makesET Date 99“I always want to improve and fight to win. I hope you can see your beloved mother living a comfortable life. Recently, he is ready to follow the plan he always planned. Use the second bonus money you received to build a new house for your mother in her hometown, Silaphum District, Province Roy it.

“The first batch of reward money I received was 350,000 baht. I took it to redeem land for my mother. The rest is collected and used for emergencies. As for the reward money I received in this round, I intend to use it to build a house for my mother. When I get a special reward like this I always give every baht to my mother.

“I feel sorry for his mother, seeing as he has to work hard. You’re always complaining that you’re tired. I don’t want to see him having to work hard again. I want to get him a new home for him to live in more comfortably than before. The two of us are very close. He lives in another province. I practice boxing in Bangkok. But we talk and encourage each other every day on the phone.


Next week in battle One Lumpinee 40 On Friday, November 10, combat sports fans will meet the main event.”tiger king s. Dechapan“Young boxer with a lot of weapons. Open the fight to regain the new look with”Red bamboo kiatsongrit“In Muay Thai rules, the flyweight is (125-135 lbs) while the main event is international.”Ricardo BravoBoxing fights nonstop from Argentina. Dealing with the new personOliver Hansen“Viking warrior from Norway in Muay Thai rules, catch weight is 165 lbs.

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