Israeli tanks entered the Gaza border – MCOT Thai News Agency

GAZA, October 30 – Eyewitnesses said that a convoy of Israeli tanks was seen storming the outskirts of the Gaza Strip today.

Agence France-Presse quoted an eyewitness as saying: A column of tanks enters the Al-Zaytoun area, located on the southern edge of Gaza City. By cutting off Salah al-Din Road, which is the main highway linking the Rafah checkpoint in the southern Gaza Strip, and the Erez checkpoint. In the northern Gaza Strip, eyewitnesses claim that Israeli tanks opened fire on every vehicle that tried to pass.

Israel has intensified its ground attack since Friday, October 27, and said on Sunday that more than 600 targets were struck within a 24-hour period, up from 450 targets in the previous 24 hours. While Hamas stated this, there is fierce fighting in northern Gaza. Israel has repeatedly warned the 1,100,000 residents of northern Gaza, which covers Gaza City, that they will be evacuated to the south because Israel will continue its mission to eliminate Hamas, but it is believed that there are still many people in the area. Although many people migrated to the south,

The Israeli army stated this and dozens of Hamas members were killed in clashes that occurred late at night. These members set up barricades to protect themselves in buildings and tunnels. While trying to attack Israeli soldiers, Israeli fighter planes attack a building where 20 Hamas members are hiding, and another plane finds an anti-tank missile launcher on the Al-Azhar University campus. Located in the heart of Gaza City. The army also attacked weapons depots. Anti-tank missile launch base, bunker and waiting area for Hamas as well.- Thai News Agency

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