A statement opposing the transfer of medical staff from the Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital to the Provincial Administration.

Central Hospital – The General Hospital Club issued a statement opposing the transfer of the provincial administration from 5 divisions to the hospital, pointing out that it would aggravate old problems. Create a new problem Impact on the delivery of services to the public

Central Hospital/General Hospital Club President Dr. Anukun Taithanan protested against the transfer of staff from 5 departments from the Central Hospital/General Hospital Club to the Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital or Salom Pragyat Teaching Centre, reporters said. Where was the photo taken? Transfer to Provincial Administrative Organisation

Regional Hospital/General Hospital Club Support transformation of public health functions especially health promotion and disease prevention (from Sub-District Health Promotion Hospitals to Provincial Administration Institutions) Premises, equipment and personnel working in primary care need to be changed so as not to affect primary care services for the primary care population, but in practice Problems were detected.

The problem of requesting transfer of personnel from 5 agencies (Provincial Public Health Office District Public Health Office Community Hospital General Hospital and Regional Hospitals) arises from the explanation of the Chairman of the Sub-Committee to Manage the Transfer of Public Health Functions to Local Government Organisations. Without waiting for the decision of the Committee on Decentralization of Powers to Local Government Bodies without hearing the opposition of the Sub-Committee

FACTS: The staff of the 5 mentioned institutions especially hospitals at all levels perform almost all secondary and tertiary care functions including outpatient, inpatient, maternity and critical care of patients requiring advanced medical equipment. Patients requiring surgery, dialysis, kidney dialysis etc. These workers, like professional nurses, must undergo additional training of at least 4 months to 1 year. And with years of experience, he has the expertise to provide services to the public safely and with quality standards.

Replacing this group of workers in primary care. It will be of some benefit for primary care work. But it can cause a major problem affecting the care of the sick. There will be shortage of people for treatment in various hospitals. Exacerbating the original problem is that outpatients are already overcrowded when this group is understaffed. Inpatients cannot be adequately treated due to long waiting times. There are no skilled nurses to care for critically ill patients in the ICU. Patients wait longer for surgery due to lack of nurses to assist with surgery.

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