Two years in a row! Teerathorn’s T5 won the Thailand Championship and earned the right to compete in the PUBG World Championship.

T5, Teerathorn Bunmathan’s PUBG eSports team, has earned its ticket back to the World Championship once again. Which will be held in central Ladprao next November.

THEERATHON FIVE (T5) PUBG e-sports team, with its founder Theerathon Bunmathan, the Buriram United star, has the right to compete in the 2023 PUBG World Championship, which is the second global championship since the team was established.

T5 previously participated in the first PUBG World Championship of 2022, which was held in Dubai. The UAE started their first year by finishing 26th out of 32 teams participating in the competition around the world.

As for 2023, the Terrathon T5 continues to excel. When they won the PUBG Asia 2023 Summer Super Cup and continued to compete in global events like PUBG Global Series 2023 Stage 2, they were poised to become Thailand’s Team of Hope, where they reached sixth place.

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Recently, T5 managed to win the PUBG Thailand Series – 2023 Phase 2, earning them a ticket back to the World Championship once again. This time is more special than the last time. Because it will be held in central Ladprao, Thailand from November 18 to December 3, 2023.

As for the team’s founder, Tirathorn Punmathan, he spoke about the team’s success this time: “Going to the championship two years in a row. The important thing this year is the World Championship hosted by Thailand. It is a dream to be an athlete.”

“Thank you to the four young athletes, Mos Khet Top Fighters, everyone is very dedicated to practicing and developing their own skills. Thank you for taking responsibility for your duties as well as being a professional athlete. As I told everyone, efforts will not hurt us if we dedicate ourselves and focus enough on what we love. We believe that we Champions of this league. Play according to our team’s style. We are the champions for sure. And we succeeded!!

“Since the formation of the PUBG team this league season has been very tight and difficult since the start of the competition. I am really impressed with the development of each team competing in this league. Very fun, see you again in the league next year.”

“Indispensable. Thank you for the support from all brand partners. This makes the T5 team move forward with strong team development. Thank you very much.”

“Finally, Moscango and I are 5-time PUBG League champions!”

For the Thai actors who will be competing in it PUBG World Championship 2023 together with T5, day trade games And Purple mood for e-sports This champion will receive a prize money of approx 22 One million baht

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