Israel fights back after corrected ‘Hezbollah’ in Lebanon missile attack: PPTVHD36

The Israeli army attacked Lebanese territory after the Hezbollah group in Lebanon fired a missile at a military site

October 10: The Israeli army attacked Lebanese territory after hitting a military fort with an anti-tank missile.

The Hezbollah group in Lebanon came out to admit this and fired a ballistic missile at an Israeli facility. In response to the killing of three members on Monday, October 9th.

Rockets were also launched from southern Lebanon towards Israel. But it has not been determined yet. Is it the work of Hezbollah?

Israel adds 10,000 additional soldiers to the Lebanese border after clashes with Hezbollah

Battle from both sides? Hezbollah attacks northern Israel

The IDF said it responded with artillery fire. This is another sign of escalating tensions along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

Israeli forces and the Hezbollah armed group in Lebanon, and several shooting incidents have occurred in recent days. By the Hezbollah group, it also targets conflict areas. Golan Heights, raising concerns about increasing violence

Source: CNN

Photography: Jalaa Marie/Agence France-Presse

Where does Hamas get the weapons needed to attack Israel?

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