Israel estimates the hostages are being held underground. Hamas shows clip of hostages released: PPTVHD36

Israeli military estimates hostages held by Hamas may be underground. Meanwhile, Hamas played a clip of women and children being released hostages.

One of the issues most concerned many parties is the Israel-Hamas war. Security of hostages Israeli ambassador to the United Nations believes the Palestinian armed group Hamas is holding more than 150 hostages believed to be foreigners.

Recently, an Israeli official, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, revealed this. The hostages captured by Hamas were probably kept underground.

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“The reason is that they are probably underground because Hamas is planning this attack and they are planning to take these hostages. Logically, they would have planned a place in advance to hide these hostages from Israeli intelligence,” Conricus said.

He said the hostage situation was very sensitive and complicated. Although Israel has some experience with hostage situations, Conricus acknowledges that Israel has never dealt with anything like this before.

When asked if an Israeli ground attack was imminent? Conricus said. He would not reveal Israel’s agenda or intentions. “It’s clear and understandable that the entire military capabilities of Hamas must be wiped off the map. How will that happen? By what method? What strategy are you using? It’s just in the next few days. Or maybe longer.”

Earlier, Abu Obaidah, a spokesman for Hamas’ al-Qassam armed forces, said on Monday (Oct. 9) that Hamas would begin live-broadcasting executions of civilian hostages. If Israel targets people in Gaza without warning.

Meanwhile, a video clip of Al-Qassam Army was released last night (Oct. 11). shows that they released the hostages, a woman and two children, presumably in response to accusations by Israeli officials and Western media that they had killed Israeli civilians. In brutal agricultural communities like Be’eri and Kfar Aza. Neither children nor women were excluded.

The clip was taken from a distance. It shows a woman and child from behind with a group of men believed to be Hamas fighters. Escape by leaving the hostages in the open near the fence. It could be the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

It is not known when the video was taken. Israeli authorities have yet to comment on the video. But according to al-Qassam forces, the women were released. Must have Israeli citizenship

“An Israeli and his two children were released after being detained during the clashes,” the statement said.

However, some Israeli media and Israelis dismissed the clip as propaganda in an attempt to protect its image. Including saying this clip is an old clip.

Compiled from Al Jazeera / CNN

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