GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE Review, a compact PC for everyone.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE Review It is arguably a budget mini PC that meets everyone’s business needs. It comes with an Intel Core i3-8109U processor, Windows 11 Pro installed and supports Linux.

Gecom Mini IT8 SE specifications

measuring 117 x 112 x 45.6 mm
Weight 572.6 grams
CPU 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8109U (dual-core, 4-threads, 4M cache, up to 3.60 GHz)
TDP 28 Watt
Graphics Intel Iris Plus Graphic 655
memory Dual Channel DDR4 SODIMM, 8GB; Expandable up to 32GB
Storage space 1 x SSD (M.2 SATA/PCIe), 256GB; Expandable up to 1TB
1 x 2.5″ SATA HDD (7mm) slot, expandable up to 2TB
OS Windows 11 Pro
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Ethernet Intel 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
Wireless LAN Intel WiFi 5

Unbox and design

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE comes in a dark blue box that represents a Windows PC and uses an Intel chip. The hardware included in the box includes:

  • Gecom Mini IT8 SE
  • VESA mount and screws
  • HDMI cable
  • Power adapter cord
  • User’s Manual
Gecom Mini IT8 SE

You will see that the equipment used in the device is complete. As for different accessories, things like computer monitors, keyboards, and mice can be used with what we already have, or you can choose to purchase additional hardware as well.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

Let’s talk about the design of GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE, first of all it is small and compact. Transfer to use in different rooms. Comfortable and lightweight.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

Different connection ports Let us cover all aspects. Start from the front

  • USB-C (data transfer only)
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • Headphone jack
  • Power button
GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

One side has a Kensington security slot while the other side has an SD card reader slot.

Kensington security slot

The back has different connection ports. Comes in complete form.

  • Charging connector
  • Mini display port
  • because
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 has two ports.
  • USB-C (data transfer only)
  • HDMI
Various connection ports

In addition to the exterior design that looks good, the interior of the machine is also designed to be easily upgradeable. The internal material uses a metal frame for strength, has a cooling fan, the M.2 SSD can be upgraded up to 1TB, the RAM supports dual channel DDR4 and can be upgraded up to 32GB and a 2.5-inch hard drive can be added up to 2TB.

Easy to upgrade

Efficiency of use

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE is an option for users who want a small PC for general use at home or office. Since Windows 11 Pro is already installed, simply connect it to your monitor, mouse, and keyboard and you’re ready to use the software you already have.

Windows 11 Pro
Windows 11 Pro

As for the Intel Core i3-8109U processor, it is suitable for general work that does not have very high specifications. Such as documents, education and entertainment. This model offers 8GB DDR4 RAM with dual channel.

Windows 11 Pro
Office 365

In addition, there is an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 graphics card that supports the display at the highest resolution via HDMI, 4K@30Hz, and DisplayPort up to 4K@60Hz.

Display port

Wi-Fi wireless connectivity supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which is sufficient for general use. Or you can connect via LAN as well, for example, YouTube can be watched in 4K without any problems.

Display port

Regarding video editing use, with the basic specifications of the machine provided, it may be able to cut generic short clips, which is not very convenient if it is used mainly for this type of work. Or upgrade to double it and it will make using it even better.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

Is the blowing sound too loud when using it? As far as this is concerned, the sound is very low. The smaller the size of the machine, the more space it saves when placed on the table.

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review summary

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE is a mini PC designed for general, work-focused users. Use it for office work and watching movies at an affordable price. Easy to upgrade additional memory

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE review

GEEKOM Mini IT8 SE is available for sale at a price of 8,999 baht, you can order through the following channels.

That’s not all yet. Since it’s October this year, GEEKOM has also organized a campaign to celebrate its 20th anniversary from October 10 to November 5, 2023. Get it now! Special 20th Anniversary Gift Box (limited to 150 pieces worldwide) when products are ordered under specific conditions. See details here.

GEEKOM 20th Anniversary Special Gift Box

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