Analysis of the Thai National Football Team, FIFA Day, “Georgia National Team” VS “Thailand National Team” Football, 11 players are expected to start.

Football analysis, FIFA Day, the Georgia national team, Willy Sagnol, the former “Southern Tiger” full-back, Bayern Munich, the superpower of the German League, and the “Rooster”, the French national team, the “war elephants” of football, the Thailand national team. Under the leadership of Brazilian coach Manu Bulking. A friendly German football match today (October 12, 2023) at 11:00 PM Thailand time, broadcast live on Thirat TV, Channel 32.

Football analysis of the Georgia national team

The Georgia national team, and the owner of the team ranked 78th in the world, brought in Willy Sagnol, the former “Southern Tiger” full-back for Bayern Munich in the German League, and “The Rooster,” the French national team player. Take on the role of new coach Last year’s results are impressive. Especially in the UEFA Nations League, where they were able to successfully win Group C. In this team, there are many interesting players, especially 3 players who are considered star players like C. Visha Kvaratstilia from “Azzurra” Napoli, a famous team in the Italian Serie A, Giorgi Mamardashvili from “Bat” Valencia, a famous club, Spanish League and Jorge Mamardashvili Michotadze of Ajax Amsterdam of the Eredivisie are the champions.

Football analysis of the Thai national team

The Thai national team is currently ranked 112th in the world under the leadership of Brazilian coach Manu Bulking. German origin There were no key players in the team, such as Chatchai Botfrom, Therathun Punmathan, Chanathip Songkrasin and Thirasel Dangda due to their associations with their fathers’ clubs. This has led to the emergence of players considered sufficient to support the team at a certain level, such as Kamphon Pathamarakul, Weerathip Pomphan, Elias Dolo, Kritsada Kaman, Adisorn Fromrak, Tristan Dou, Tristan Dou, Pitiwat Sokjithamakul. With interesting players like Yusakorn Burava and Benjamin Davis as well as Athet Berg and Sumithi Khokvu, it’s a good opportunity for Manu Bulking to see what some of the new players look like up close. He may participate with the national team in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Asian region, second round, which will be held at the beginning of next month.

11 starting players are expected to feature for the Thai national team

Kamphon Battamarakul (Goalkeeper) – Tristan Dou, Kritsada Kaman, Elias Doloh, Chatmongkul Ruangthanarog, Chanarong Promsrekayo, Pithiwat Sokjithamakul, Weerathip Pomphan, Bodin Phala, Benjamin Davis, Terasak Pipimai.

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