iPhone 14 pre-orders crashed at the Apple Store this morning

Avid iPhone fans around the world are reporting difficulty in pre-ordering new Apple products. iPhone 14, 14 Pro and AirPods Pro 2 Everything went for pre-order todayPeople have encountered issues ranging from the Apple Store app and website not loading, finance not working, failing to check phone numbers, and credit cards not working.

exactly like with iPhone 13 Last year, Apple had a file BeforePre-order system that allows you to speed up the checkout process. You can select the iPhone you are interested in, select accessories, and set up payment and shipping. Then when pre-orders open, all you have to do is check out. However, this system seems to fail at an abnormally high rate if you see the complaints online. for The one who puts the orders at the endSome have reported that their shipping dates are at least a week late. It seems that carrier sites They also have similar issues.

Others sail smoothly through the process, getting their orders and delivery dates set for September 16th. within edge Staff, Senior Editor Tom Warren had no hiccups checking out Apple Pay, but some of us hit walls. Reporter John Porter give up trying After the store failed while trying to process its phone number, managing editor Alex Cranz delayed before getting an order — even with Apple Pay and pre-ordering setup.

Last year, there were some grumblings iPhone 13 pre-orders don’t pass eitherEspecially for people trying to use an Apple Card or using carrier upgrades while out. The problem ran for at least 30 minutes after pre-orders opened, and it finally kicked in – but not without shipping dates that slipped out a few weeks ago.

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Reports suggested that Apple expected a Flat iPhone production this year Compared to 2021, when post-pandemic technology purchases peaked, problems caused by supply constraints, and smartphone developments stagnated. But iPhone revenue continued to grow earlier this year Despite the lead up to the announcement of the iPhone 14 – perhaps the demand for new models is higher than expected.

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