Touching cartoon salute depicting the Queen reuniting with Prince Philip and Paddington Bear

‘Hello again, Lilibet’: A touching cartoon salute depicts the Queen reuniting with her beloved Prince Philip and walking until sunset with her dogs and a Beddington Bear

Emotional social media users today shared a touching tribute that shows the Queen meeting her beloved Prince Philip and Corgis, and walking until sunset with a Paddington Bear.

A particularly poignant infographic shows the Queen and Prince Philip with their arms around each other looking into the distance.

Her Majesty the Queen surrounded by her late husband and one of her dogs as they sit together on a blanket.

An inscription below the drawing reads: “Welcome back to Lilipt,” referring to the after-life reunion of the couple, who have been married for more than 70 years.

Last night, Paddington Bear paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after a few months of captivating the hearts of the nation with a merry afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

The photo, shared by Instagram user “Murphy Drawings”, was flooded with comments below the post, including “That’s just beautiful” and “This excited me again.”

Another cartoon was widely shared on Twitter The Queen’s back is shown, dressed in her fashionable emerald green coat and hat holding the hands of a Paddington bear.

At their side, they are again followed by one of the Queen’s dogs, draped around loose British banners and a train of fallen marmalade sandwiches.

The widely shared caricature by many different users has also been edited to include different caricatures on the image.

In one, he read in the Queen’s voice: “You have done the duties of Paddington, please take me to my husband.”

Another said from the bear’s point of view: “Don’t be afraid, madam… the world will hold your hand.”

The cartoon follows the famous infographic the pair did to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee earlier this year.

In the video, the King and the Bear sat over a cup of tea at Buckingham Palace to enjoy their favorite marmalade, as Paddington thanked the Queen for all she had done.

Last night, Paddington Bear shared his own tribute on Twitter on the occasion of the Queen’s death.

Echoing his words in their famous drawing, he said, “Thank you, madam, for everything.”

Additional Paddington bear memes were shared on Twitter in a similar tone, with an infographic showing the bear tipping its hat respectfully.

The inscription reads: “Goodbye, madam.”

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