Introducing Sonos Ace, Sonos' first wireless headphones with a simple, elegant design. Packed with audio technology

It's very interesting news to follow. Sonos, an audio brand from the US, launches the brand's first wireless headphones, the 'Sonos Ace' model, which connects to the ear via Bluetooth, offering good sound and excellent technology. It can also be connected to the brand's own speaker to further enhance the audio experience. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to get my hands on the real thing and test its performance. Today I'm going to tell you how good the Sonos Ace is.

The design is easy to understand. Gives a distinct touch

The Sonos Ace is available in two colors: black and soft white. The material of the ear cups and headband is matte plastic. It makes the headphones lightweight and premium looking. The stem is made of stainless steel for strength and durability and can be pulled out to adjust the level. The interior of the earcups is made of vegan leather for easy cleaning. Lined with memory foam inside. The belt is padded with foam. Helps to wear comfortably.

The headphone design is easy to understand. You can tell where the front and back are by looking at the SONOS logo. If the logo is on the right ear, it means you're wearing it correctly. The control buttons on the headphones cover almost all the basic needs. On the right earcup there is a volume control button. Play/pause/skip tracks, answer/end calls, and there's a separate button to switch between active noise cancellation mode (Active Noise Cancellation: ANC) and external sound mode (Aware Mode), making it less confusing. The left ear piece is the power button. Or pair the device

Sonos Ace Soft White The right earcup contains controls and toggles for ANC/Aware mode.
Sonos Ace, Black The left earcup houses the power and pairing buttons.

Complete technology covers a variety of needs

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) – The Sonos Ace has a total of 8 microphones, 6 of which are used for ANC or ANC. Each of the six microphones detects external sounds to provide precise noise cancellation. Through experience, the Sonos Ace has been shown to do this well. Very little external sound reaches the headphones. If you want to hear more outside noise, you can switch to Aware Mode using the button on the right earcup.

Private cinema experience – This function creates a personalized cinematic experience for users. It also meets the needs of people who want or need to listen to audio through headphones. But you still want to watch content on TV (for example, when you want to watch TV but I'm afraid the sound will disturb people at home.) For this function, if you already have a Sonos Arc Soundbar connected to the TV at home, it's easy. Because once you switch modes, the sound from the Sonos Arc will be transmitted to the headphones instantly. Which doesn't just come from sound alone. But it also mimics Dolby Atmos in headphones.

Sonos Arc Sound Bar

If we turn on the head detection system, whether you turn your head to the left or right or walk anywhere in the room, the sound you hear will be as if you were sitting in the middle of the TV all the time. From the trial between turning the head tracking system on and off, it's a completely different listening experience. When combined with the brand's True Cinema technology, the sound you hear sounds very realistic. It is as if the sound surrounds our heads in every direction.

Corrosion detection – Wear detection The music stops as soon as the headphones are removed. It will continue to play when you return it. At this point, the Sonos Ace responds quickly and accurately.

The battery charges quickly and lasts a long time. The Sonos Ace can be used for up to 30 hours, even with ANC or Aware mode turned on. For the fast charging function, if you charge for 3 minutes from 0%, you can listen for up to 3 hours, and if you charge. From 0% to full, it takes 2 hours

Audio from Sonos ACE

The sound quality of the Sonos Ace is very quiet. Balance is good. The bass isn't too heavy, the power is just right, and the sound is crystal clear. The good thing is that we can adjust the bass, treble and volume level through the Sonos app.

Sonos Ace Overview Summary

Sonos Ace with Sonos audio equipment

It's a great start for the brand's first wireless headphones. With functions offered covering a variety of needs. The sound quality is excellent, however, if you want the Sonos Ace to get good value for money and all the functionality, users will still need another speaker from a brand like the Sonos Arc in order to use the Sonos Ace to its fullest potential.

The Sonos Ace is launching at 17,900 baht and will be available in Thailand. From 5 June 2024 onwards, check out more information at or Instagram: @sonosthailandofficial


  • measuring H7.52 x W6.3 x L3.35 inches
  • Weight 312 grams
  • communication Bluetooth 5.4
  • driver Dynamic driver, special design, 40mm size.
  • microphone 8 beamforming microphones for voice control and detection
  • battery Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1060 mAh
  • Shipping Charging using a USB-C cable
  • Sound quality Without data loss Stream non-degraded audio via Bluetooth with Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound AptX lossless devices or via a USB-C connection.

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Text: Natakarn S.

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