Israeli attack on Rafa! After Hamas fires a rocket at Tel Aviv: PPTVHD36

Gaza is at war again. It was the first targeted attack on the Israeli capital in months after Hamas fired 8 rockets from Gaza.

Follow the fierce fighting again in Gaza. Hamas has fired eight rockets from Gaza since yesterday. Israel's Aviv is the first time in months that it aims to attack Bangkok

A few hours later, Israel launched airstrikes on the town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Gaza officials said the attack on a refugee camp for displaced people killed 45 Palestinians and wounded 200 others.

Images emerge of the damage after Israeli warplanes launched an airstrike on Rafah. The city on the southern tip of the Gaza Strip yesterday evening local time. A large area of ​​the affected area is seen on fire. The structures of the camp were so badly damaged that they collapsed.

The Palestinian Red Cross said the attack targeted the Tel al-Sultan area, northwest of Rafah. The Israeli army has declared it a humanitarian area. and is open to refugee Palestinian citizens. After the Israeli Defense Forces attacked the eastern part of the city two weeks ago.

Displaced Palestinians sheltering in the area are pushing in the same direction. They migrated here and pitched a tent to spend the night. Because Israeli authorities have previously declared it a safe zone.

The attack has left many civilians unable to leave the area. Because it was surrounded by fire. The rescued Palestinians managed to escape and were sent to a field hospital for treatment. The Palestinian Red Cross also said it was.

Most recently yesterday evening, our home time. Gaza's health ministry said at least 45 people were killed and up to 200 injured in the attack, most of them women and children.

A spokesman for the public health ministry in Gaza said the attack killed at least 35 people and wounded at least a dozen others. Most of them are women and children. It is also reported that the death toll is likely to rise further. Because the search for survivors is not over yet.

The Israeli military said Israel's attack on the refugee camp in Rafah was targeting Hamas elements using “precision weapons” and targeted attacks on Hamas bases. “Precise Intelligence”

The Israeli military later said it had killed Hamas' top commander in the West Bank and a senior Hamas official behind the attack on Israel.

However, the Israeli military said it was aware of the reports of the attack's impact and was urgently investigating. including many public exposure hazards.

Recently, regarding the attack on the refugee camp, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) High Commissioner for Palestine, Philippe Lazzarini, said: “It is very shocking and terrible.” And it also reflects that no part of Gaza is safe anymore.

The Israeli attack on Rafah came hours after Hamas's military wing, the al-Qatsam Battalion, launched a rocket attack on Israeli soil from the Gaza Strip. It targets the economic hub of Tel Aviv. Israel is located in the middle of the country

Al-Qatsam Battalion gave the reason for the airstrikes on Israel in a telegram: “This is in response to the killing of civilians by Zionist groups in the Gaza Strip.”

It was the first time in four months that an aerial warning had been issued over Tel Aviv and across central Israel.

The Israeli military said Hamas fired a total of eight rockets into Israeli territory, firing from the Rafah area. It is about 100 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, but Israeli air defenses have managed to intercept some. Without specifying a specific number.

A piece of debris from a launched rocket. It fell outside the fence of a primary school in Herts-League. The city in central Israel is north of Tel Aviv, and there were no reports of damage in the surrounding area.

Debris from the projectile fell on an Israeli home in Herz-Lia, where 84-year-old owner Nargis Bezalel placed it on her roof until it was severely damaged but she herself was not injured.

The Israeli military said the uninterceptable rocket landed in an open area. As for the injured, Megan David Edom, an Israeli emergency official, said two women suffered minor injuries while running to the bunker. Although there were no casualties in the attack.

Many see the airstrikes against Israel as a reflection that Hamas still has the ability to carry out long-range attacks. This is despite Israel's focus over the past seven months on destroying Hamas and weakening its capabilities.

The Israeli Defense Forces are currently continuing their offensive in Rafah. They insisted that they had to occupy the area to wipe out the Hamas group hiding in the area. including the leadership members

The deadly airstrikes on the Rafah refugee camp come as attempts to broker a ceasefire for a hostage exchange failed earlier this month. Some Western media recently reported that Israel and Hamas may resume talks this week.

The latest positive sign came over the weekend. After William Burns, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency or America's CIA / Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the Qatari Prime Minister / senior national officials mediating the negotiations, David Barnion, the Director of Israel's Agency for Intelligence and Special Operations, or Mossad. He traveled to Paris for a meeting on negotiations for an armistice for the exchange of hostages. France last Friday

According to the New York Times, a new deal between Israel and Hamas could be reached this week, according to three diplomatic officials involved in the negotiations. An official involved in the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity without giving a specific date, told Reuters news agency that the new round of talks would be based on a framework agreement proposed by Egypt and Qatar and drafted by the United States.

This is faith. After talks on a cease-fire agreement to exchange hostages collapsed several times, in the final round of talks, Israel and Hamas still had many points on which they could not find common ground.

But the most obvious point of contention is that Hamas wants Israel to permanently end its attacks. Israel refuses and wants a temporary halt to the attacks.

Embassy officials told The New York Times that a cease-fire agreement would have to be reached to exchange the hostages. So that other issues can be managed, such as the administration of the Gaza Strip after the end of the war, the ongoing repair of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, or the negotiation of a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

This would pave the way for long-term peace building as well as negotiating a cease-fire agreement. Another approach that has become an issue in recent weeks. This is the recognition of the state of Palestine by Norway, Spain and Ireland.

The three countries are set to officially recognize Palestine's statehood tomorrow. Belgium during the joint statement between foreign ministers in Brussels

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Álvarez reiterated that recognition of the Palestinian state is a one-way 'two-state approach', or the existence of a Palestinian state working alongside the State of Israel. This is the best way to bring peace to the Middle East.

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