A terrifying landslide in Papua New Guinea, and fears that more than 2,000 people will be buried alive.

Landslide tragedy in Papua New Guinea More than 2,000 villagers are feared to have been buried alive, while the exact number of deaths cannot yet be determined. Because the rescue team has not yet reached all the affected areas. And lack of equipment

On May 27, 2024, foreign news agencies reported the developments of a tragic landslide from Mount Monalo (Monalo) in a remote rural area. Papua New Guinea On the morning of Friday, May 24, the National Disaster Center in Papua New Guinea stated in a report sent to the United Nations. More than 2,000 people are believed to have been buried under the mountain's collapsed soil.

There is a village located at the foot of a mountain in Inga Province that suffered a landslide that covered almost the entire village. The area affected by the landslide is approximately one kilometer long. Causing severe damage to buildings and homes. Moreover, when a landslide occurred most people were asleep. According to reports, there were approximately 3,800 people living in the area before the disaster struck.

A landslide in Papua New Guinea is so tragic that more than 2,000 people are feared to have been buried alive.

However, due to the tragic landslide in Papua New Guinea, the exact number of deaths cannot be confirmed at this time. Because the rescue workers had to face obstacles. Inability to travel to all areas affected by landslides. There was also a lack of equipment to assist the victims, and on top of that, the main road leading to the Porgera gold mine was completely blocked due to rocks and dirt that had fallen from the mountain.

Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea James Marape expressed his deep condolences to the deceased. Families who lost loved ones and the army and emergency agencies were ordered to provide assistance to the victims of the major landslide. It is far from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, 600 kilometers to the northwest.

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