HYPE TRAIN launches “THE NEXT HYPE” project, a test project to find new rappers from the new generation.

It is called the year-end creation of “HYPE TRAIN”, a hot music label that pays people who have a passion for music. Drive your dreams on board a locomotive under the title “HYPE TRAIN GROUP” Administrative control by “Nino” or “Nino Krirk Changguang” Veteran hip hop producer front and back. And behind the scenes is the person behind the success of creating music for many famous artists like the godfather of rappers like F.HERO, LAZYLOXY, OG-ANIC, MILLI, TWOPEE, etc., whom everyone calls upon. “Nino, hit the beat for me” always.

Today, this train has grown. Willing to produce premium raw materials Willing to push the taste of music lovers to the international music market again through NINO, willing to realize a small but big dream through “THE NEXT HYPE”, a test project to search for new rappers of the new generation, making It gives people the opportunity to get things. There is space to show your abilities. Through singing and rapping, this year is the first year that Nino has started working on this project. After his success as music director of the popular hip-hop reality show “The Rappers Season 1” and “Show Me The Money Thailand Season 2”, this project also features many talented artists. Two other people like “Ben Bizzy” and “SIRPOPPA” can also be PDs.

Nino revealed the trends in the hip-hop music industry, saying: Since I was born as a music director, I have worked behind the scenes before. Until one day he moved on to become the owner of a hip-hop record label. I must first say that HYPE TRAIN is a hip hop record label. Hip-hop is the initiator who created this label. Even today, the trend of rap music is gradually decreasing and is no longer as prevalent as it was before. But we remain honest in our approach. We love making hip-hop music, and we’re happy to do it. In order to keep us in this industry for as long as possible. As much as we can it’s like running a marathon. The finish line is still far away. If we put our minds first today is not the hype train that everyone sees.

Nino also told about the project that THE NEXT HYPE was born because I and the team at the company had the same idea that we wanted to push the new generation of hip-hop artists to join our train. Plus, the trend of the hip-hop industry is rather quiet. There are not many shows that provide a platform for rappers to showcase their talent. Or come together and create amazing works. So the idea was to make THE NEXT HYPE an audition project. We must first say that the interesting thing about this project is that the eight finalists will learn the necessary steps to become professional artists. Making music in a professional studio together with a producer, including performing on a large stage such as playing a concert in front of a large audience. It’s charming in so many ways. An angle I intend to let a lot of people see. I also work with producers with a lot of experience, including myself, BEN BIZZY, SIRPOPPA and many others who will help create your work.

In conclusion, Nino added that this project will inspire the new generation of children to travel, find things, and follow your dreams as best you can to achieve the dream is to be an artist. He has a clear distinct identity ready to produce new work that is unique for all to see and has created the hip-hop community to come back to life. It will impact the hip-hop industry. Go strong again. Just like in the past

Just make sure you have a clear, unique identity, and that you have the skills to create great, distinct music, whether it’s the flow, the lyrics, or the use of beats. And other elements that rappers can create and the last thing is live performance which makes the committee and the audience see a different science, whether it’s controlling the microphone. Keep the audience hypnotized You have the right to be a winner. For the first place winner, he will receive a cash prize of 50,000 baht along with signing a contract to be a rap artist under HYPE TRAIN and also his first single in his life. With a music video your song will be produced by NINO along with BEN BIZZY and SIRPOPPA, two skilled artists behind many high quality songs.

Test project “The Next Hype”. Applications are open from today until Sunday, October 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM Applicants must be between 15 and 27 years old only, you can follow more details on our Facebook fan page “THE NEXT HYPE” or click https://www.facebook.com/thenexthype.official/posts/pfbid02g3hPiLeFrVi7AgEoC2cQy232Z4EZ5i8L6bH4B88MULo1C6Ng6EXyo4CXxGhbvN8Rl

do not wait!! The next rapper born overnight could be you!!

Watch on YouTube on: https://youtu.be/xe7P_Or77iE

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